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SLOC Meeting Notes

November 16, 2015

Particpants: Sheri Miraglia, Craig Kleinmen, Janet Carpenter, Mandy Liang, Andrea Noisi, Kristina Whalen, Katryn Wiese, Lauren Muller, Mine Ternar

  • Revisit ILO language. We lloked at the first revsions and, with further reflection, we still liked the the new A: Demonstrate an understanding of the history and valuses of diverse cultures.  . Further discusson on  environmental awareness or resposibiity--should they be separate or add an or to the sentence Make responsible civic, social or environmental choices.  Everyone still liked Collaborate effectively in diverse social and cultural settings. Survey is going out. Sheri will make the survey and at next meeting we will look at the results. 
  • ILO Chair We talked about who should Chair the ILO #3 assessment committee and we agreed that Craig was the logical choice.  
  • Liberal Arts and Science major--the assessments of these major. Worked with Deanna. What would you add to the report. How any completed the major. # of students that received it. Any information from Office of Reserach. Can we see where or if these students went somewhere. Should not be a large report. Fold them into the report. Add an appendum to the past reports.  The responsibility to assess the major/program rests with the GE workgroups. The SLo Committee greenlighted this idea
  • Validation data of Spring CRN reports. We created a rubric for validation of the new CRN level reorts. This validation project scores two questions in the reports. Looking at the responses from Q1 and Q2. We had a discussion about how the instructions and how they match up to the rubric.  A "robust" and spiritied discussion on how to train on assessment reporting, which is different from if people from assessment. Are people improving? We agreed to do the validiation and look and see. We talked about putting the rubric in the User Manual. We went through about 5 reports and normed our responses. We talked about providing some feedback on responses that we ddn't find adequate and how it could be corrected. Our due date November. We will meet on November 30th. 
  • Shasta SLo Coordinators will be here and want to talk with us. 
  • March 8th session ideas were discussed. Student panels to begin and then 6 sessions of gaining traction on past recommendations. The recommendationsRequisites, Math (broadly), Six factors that drive student success/affective domain, Counseling and Faculty can we systematically communicate, Non-credit assessment, Culturally responsive teaching,  Varying outcome assessment methods, Supplemental Instruction/bootcamp (basic skills in a cohort) vs. peer mentoring​

November 2, 2015

Participants:  Sheri Miraglia, Kristina Whalen, Katryn Wiese, Craig Kleinman, Jeff Lamb, Mandy Liang, Mine Ternar, Janet Carpenter, Andrea Niosi

Location S-350. 12-1:30 pm1.

  • Dwindling SLO Committee Membership - we discussed as a group that we are having troble acquiring and maintaining commitee membership. Some committee members feel that it may be the analysis of disaggregated data that is stimulating the negative vibe.  As a higher degree of scrutiny and accountability are applied, this may be frustrating some faculty.  We suggested asking in general college formats (all college email, EFF) for people to participate, be part of the solution.  
  • Post October 20 information -  there was a lot of variability among the response.  Some responses were very rich and demonstrated interest in trying many new things around course design to close the gap.  Some responses complained about the lack of support from the college.  Health/PE/Social Services had departments that didn't respond to the survey.  Aircraft Maintenance within STEM also didn't respond.  However Health had a lot of interest in increasing cultural comptency in their instructional models.  In STEM there was interest in "Bridge" programs and pulling cohorts togehter.  We quickly reviewed the other schools as well (not all is reported here).  There is awareness that there is a diminishing African American student population at our school.  Where are they going if not CCSF?  Kristina and Pam are working on an Executive Summary that pulls together college-wide themes for the day.
  • ILO Outcome Revisions - There were over 250 people who filled out the SWOT.  Pam and Craig are working with that data. There are suggestions to revise the wording for ILO#3.  
    • confusion around B and C sub elements of ILO3
    • no issues with A
    • requests for a stronger environmental influence
    • avoid the word "demonstrate"
      • A.  Demonstrate an understanding of history and values of other people and cultures.
        • replace "demonstrate" with "compare and contrast"?  
        • replace "other" with "diverse" 
      • A (new) Demonstrate an understanding of the history and values of diverse cultures.
      • B. Demonstrate and understading of civic, social and environmental responsibility
      • C. Demonstrate civic, social, and environmental responsibility.
        • Do we need both?????  Can we get rid of B?  
      • New "C" - Make responsible civic, social and environmental choices.
      • D.  Collaborate effectively in diverse social, cultural, and global settings.
        • this was well liked, maybe no improvement here?
        • remove the word "global"?
      • New "D" - D.  Collaborate effectively in diverse social and cultural settings.
    • we will revisit these potential revisions in our next meeting and finalize for a survey to go out to the college by the end of the semester.  We are still considering ideas around "C".  Consider breaking up social/civic and environmental responsibility.
  • SLO report Validations - We will each take on 40 to evaluate.  We'll get the spreadsheet out in two weeks and discuss as a group before we begin working on validation.
  • Brainstorm for March 8th SLO FLEX day - The SLO team shared preliminary ideas for the March 8 FLEX day with the SLO Committee to get some early feedback.



October 5, 2015

Participants:  Sheri Miraglia, Kristina Whalen, Katryn Wiese, Craig Kleinman, Jeff Lamb, Mandy Liang, Anna Davies, Mine Ternar

Location S-350. 12-1:30 pm

  • Update Academic Senate SLO Committee Description (to meet Accreditation Standards) - we agreed that we remain primarily and advisory committee.  We discussed revising how the committee supports student learning, as well as the description of purpose and goals.   We looked carefully at the new 2014 Accreditation standards to determine which standards the committee contributes to.
  • Campus Wide Assessment Tool for ILO#3 - the committee reviewed the SWOT analysis tool that was created for FLEX day and agreed on changes to improve the instrument and make it easier and more fun to use. 
  • Department Survey using Data Cubes - we reviewed the instructions that are being given to department chairs for Oct 20.  They are being asked to complete a survey in advance of the Oct 20 meeting looking at the achievement gap for the lowest two student groups in their highest enrolled courses.  They are also being asked to compare achievement over the past three years to the performance of underrepresented minorities in the same courses on SLO's.  There is only one semesters worth of data in ARGOS at this point, but chairs are being asked to look for outcome difficulties or areas of concern.
  • Additional planning for FLEX on Oct 20 including identification of faculty co-facilitators for Dean's meeting. - The VCAA would like the school sessions where survey results are discussed to be co-facilitated by a faculty memeber.  We discussed working to identify the right faculty co-facilitators.  Additionally, we reviewed the instructions for the school meeting to clarify some of the language in the instructions.
  • Update on Validation project - (deferred)

September 21, 2015

Participants:  Sheri Miraglia, Kristina Whalen, Katryn Wiese, Craig Kleinman, Mandy Liang, Jeff Lamb, Andrea Niosi, Anna Davies, Mine Ternar

Location S-350. 12-1:30 pm

  • Review Oct 20 Proposals and Discuss FLEX
    • October 20th FLEX Planning:  We reviewed the proposals that have come in and also discussed a potential invited speaker to lead an additional session.  SLO Committee members would facilitate these sessions, which will occur between 10-11:30 pm.  Right now we have 7 proposals, which is probably sufficient.   The first half of the day will focus on ILO#3.  We discussed creating a SWOT analysis for each workshop so that we have the conversation documented and analyzed. We may work on it in the meeting.....but we could also do what we did on Sept 17, which was send out an electronic survey at the end of the day.
    • We reviewed the proposals and discussed the alignment to the subelements of ILO#3.  We also discussed having faciliators as note-takers so that we have resources for people who were not able to attend individual sessions.  We also discussed providing the session leaders with a format to follow so that much of the time is spent in discussion and sharing knowledge with each other.  
      Some FLEX time may be used to help train coordinators to work with the disaggregated data. This is based on some of the feedback Kristina recieved when working to train Deans and Chairs on how to use disaggregated data.  Some of what the day will be about is getting traction with the disaggregated data.  A form will be provided to chairs that will be filled out on our before Oct 20 as a "deliverable" for the school meeting.  This will help departments focus their department meetings so that useful data is collected for the school meeting.
    • New ILO:  Use technology....passed Academic Senate on Wed and will go to Biparte.
    • Academic Senate has agreed to create a Math GE outcome.
    • We reviewed the rubric for validating S15 SLO reports, did some refinement and discussed providing it to the college community to assist with F15 reporting.

August 24, 2015

Participants:  Sheri Miraglia, Kristina Whalen, Katryn Wiese, Craig Kleinman, Mandy Liang, Elizabeth Stewart, Lauren Muller, Jeff Lamb, Andrea Niosi, Anna Davies

August 24 -- 12-1:30 pm -- Location: Science 45

  • The Committee reviewed Spring and Summer assessment reports
    • DRAFT: Spring 2015 Process Summary - Feedback is still being solicited.  This is an evaluation of the process from Spring - ensuring that facts are correct.  There may be some additional effort needed for student services.  We need to move this forward - Katryn needs feedback.  Please send her edits!
    • Once this moves to the final version - it will be sent forward through participatory governance with recommendations.  One recommnedation (requirment) is that the college comes up with a plan to support faculty on the weekends and holidays.  People doing that support will need admin rights to Curricunet.  We have had people submit when they return from holiday.  However there was feedback that having it at the same time grades are due creates habits of mind that are useful.  Should we consider having emergency resources?  Can this be a paid position?  24 hour help desk cannot provide training on how to use software.  It would be GREAT if we could get some support from IT, as they are paid for this kind of thing.  We discussed a short term and long term fix for this support problem.  We will continue to vet out a plan for this. 
    • Fall changes/plans - 
    • Fall validation - Question came up as to whether to do validation at the course level, or program level.   We discussed an analysis of two of the Curricunet fields - 10% of courses - Curricunet Coordinators will work to develop a plan, rubric and method for norming the application of the rubric.
  • SLO related Action items for Accreditation - we went through the list of these action items and all seem  to be complete or on track for completion. We went though the list, including the final mapping of IGETC and CSU outcomes to our outcomes.  Another topic was the review of course syllabi to ensure that they list SLO's - Deans will be reviewing those campus wide after an initial review from the Chairs.
  • GE Area Workgroup Updates (Spring 2015)
    • GE Mapping - Important dates for assessment for the college - a window is there in which we are hoping that everyone comes by a drop in help lab to establish mappings between course SLO's and program mapping.  Program coordinators will be working with Katryn to learn how to do that mapping. GE mapping will be happening in GE workgroups.  As mappings are confirmed in CurricUNET, the mapping will be refined and improved over time.   The group talked about coming up with a systematic way to encourage program coordinators to complete this work in an efficient fashion.  Jeff and Anna agreed to discuss how they might facilitate coming up with a systematic method for encouraging program coordinators to complete this work.
  • October 20th FLEX - Kristina distributed the draft agenda for this professional development day that will be focused again on SLO's.  The plan is for about 10 workshops that really support development.  The sessions will focus on Cultural, Social and Environmental Awareness.  Departments would be encouraged to review data by being asked to produce a deliverable from the department meeting.

Next meeting:  Sept 21, 2015


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