SLOC Meeting Notes

February 6, 2017

Attending:  Sheri Miraglia, Craig Kleinman, Natalie Smith, Anna Lisa Helmsy, Neesa Julian, Cherisa Yarking, Janet Carpenter


  • ILO 4 Report -  The committee spent most of the time working on ILO 4 (LINK to the draft report).  The focus in today's meeting was the data collected from the student survey that was completed in December.  Notes from the discussion were captured directly in the report.  
  • The current 3 year benchmark for Aggregate Assessment - the committee debated whether changing this to 4 or 6 years would be a good idea.  No consensus was reached, but we agreed to add it to the Assessment Planning Team Agenda in the spring.
  • Communication of the new Summer SLO Assessment requirement to faculty - what is the best way to do this?  The committee agreed early and often, getting chairs and deans involved in the roll out. Sheri will work to draft an email to send out in February.
  • Academic Senate SLO Committee composition and participation - we need more people and more varied participants.  This comes up frequently - no resolution reached.
  • How to identify individuals interested in becoming SLO Coordinators to carry the torch forward - this also comes up frequently.  The committee discussed whether or not a stipend might inspire faculty to take on this role.  Currently the main "advantage" to being an SLO coordinator is college-wide exposure and experience to add to one's resume.  No resolution reached.
  • Lastly - the committee took up the task of coming up with an activity to help faculty determine what constitutes a "quality" aggregate assessment report.  Sample resport were sent home with "homework" for the March 6 meeting to come up with a fun activity to accompany CurricUNET training.

January 23, 2017

Attending--Sheri Miraglia, Cherisa Yarkin, Andrea Niosi, Craig Kleinman, Anna Lisa Helmsy, Lisa Velarde.


Review of ILO4 status, cleaned up mapping results, Sheri’s hard work with this over break

  • PLO < ILO4 mapping done
  • Review of ILO4 results and hitting 70% benchmarks
  • We have preliminary survey data but will wait to get rest of it before discussing in committee.  Might be considerably more noncredit responses on the way.
  • Andrea suggested linking to the national health survey.  Should we link out to the subelement?
  • Open-ended question in student survey on what lifelong learning means to them.  General analysis to follow
  • ILO4 review is reinforcing the ongoing need for SLOs and PSLOs to be better aligned with ILOs.
  • Curriculum Comm review of alignment and mapping is crucial.
  • Brainstorming of ILO4 “findings” and additional data analysis
  • Since the technology outcome was a late addition, the outcomes data regarding that is a bit limited
  • After Andrea submits additional info and more bullet points are added, Sheri will flesh out prose to get the report more ready for the academic senate.  More needed from student services workgroup this week.
  • Table of Contents addition: Other Relevant Resources (e.g., CCSSE Data)
  • Deadline for ILO4 additions 2/6


Discussed Area G and Area C/Math report progress

  • Sheri and Craig will meet first Feb Friday to attack Argos
  • Craig will check with Ken on Math course completion programming progress in Argos.  NOTE--Ken is moving to IT.


April 20 Flex Day: Since they are so similar, lump together Program Level and and Course Aggregate Assessment workshops.  Craig, Sheri, and Natalie will work on PPT and other materials  

  • Can we find 25 facilitators?  Use the program review flex day model
  • Students Services training: Andrea will start organizing ASO assessment and will communicate with Samue
  • What’s this spring’s Argos training schedule?  Cherisa is checking with Rick
  • How can we make Course Aggregate flex day training more interactive?  Small group peer review?
  • Reports need to be pulled from curricunet as a way to get more ideas for April 20



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