ILO #1 Assessment

ILO #1 to be assessed Fall 2021

A. Apply quantitative reasoning to questions or problems.
B. Locate, evaluate, and use information appropriately.
C. Use critical or creative reasoning, including diverse perspectives.

ILOs Assessed Fall 2017

1. Critical Thinking and Information Competency

  1. Apply quantitative concepts to address complex problems
  2. Apply critical and creative reasoning, including diverse perspectives, to address complex problems
  3. Locate, evaluate, synthesize, and appropriately use multiple forms of information

ILOs Assessed Fall 2013

1. Critical Thinking and Information Competency

  1. Use reason and creativity to make decisions and solve problems
  2. Apply diverse viewpoints to aid in decision making or problem solving
  3. Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information using appropriate research strategies, tools and technology.


Work for this assessment is conducted through meetings of the SLO Committee.