GE Area B Workgroup

Outcomes assessed Spring 2015

CCSF GE Area B, CSU A2, IGETC 1A: Written Composition

Upon completion of this coursework, a student will be able to:

  1. read critically to annotate, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate primarily non-fiction, college-level texts. 
  2. compose organized and coherent source-based essays that demonstrate critical thinking and rhetorical strategies. 
  3. demonstrate control over all major conventions of standard English grammar and punctuation. 
  4. select and integrate reliable, credible, and scholarly sources to support essays, using a standardized citation format.



F '15-Sp '16 Area B GELO Report Workgroup

Chair: Darren Keast, English Department

  • Member: Caroline Best
  • Member: Erin Denney
  • Member: Erwin Barron
  • Member: Christoph Greger

Sp '15  Area B Assessment Workgroup

Chair: Michelle Simotas, English Department

  • Member: Ghislaine Maze
  • Member: Andrea Saneilli
  • Member: Elizabeth Smith
  • Member: Darren Keast
  • Member: Jessica Brown