SLO Committee

Academic Senate SLO Committee

The Academic Senate SLO Committee is a formally recognized committee that reports to the Academic Senate and meets biweekly.

Goal: Support and refine faculty SLO activities, including professional development, dialogue, evidence gathering, and reporting in cooperation with the SLO Coordinator. These meetings are open to everyone.


Upcoming Meetings

Roughly Monthly on First Fridays --11 am-12:30 pm (new time!)

Location: some in person and some via Zoom

Fall '19: 9/6 in MUB 240; 10/4 via Zoom; 11/1 via Zoom; 12/6 in MUB 353 (New Location)

Spring '20: 2/7 in MUB 353; 3/6 via Zoom; 4/10 in MUB 353;  5/1 via Zoom



Agenda for March 6, 2020:

  1. Report back from SLO Consortium (statewide gathering)
  2. Flex conversations & workshops - update on 3/3 Flex Day
  3. Faculty discussion of GELO teaching and learning as input to future GELO reports
  4. Discussion of issues with SSO and ILO alignment
  5. Input for Accreditation Report 
  6. Update since last meeting on ongoing projects:
    1. status of pilot of alternative to Curricunet assessment for ENGL 1C
    2. VRC for curriculum how-to information for faculty
    3. Website redesign
    4. ILO 3 report
    5. GELO Reports B and H

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