SLO Committee

Academic Senate SLO Committee

The Academic Senate SLO Committee is a formally recognized committee that reports to the Academic Senate and meets biweekly.

Goal: Support and refine faculty SLO activities, including professional development, dialogue, evidence gathering, and reporting in cooperation with the SLO Coordinator. These meetings are open to everyone.


Upcoming Meetings

Roughly Monthly on First Fridays --11 am-12:30 pm (new time!)

Location: some in person and some via Zoom

Fall '19: 9/6 in MUB 240; 10/4 via Zoom; 11/1 via Zoom; 12/6 in MUB 353 (New Location)

Spring '20: 2/7 in MUB 24; 3/6 via Zoom; 4/10 via Zoom; 5/1 in MUB 353 (New Location)



Next Meeting - Oct. 4, 2019


1. Welcome & Introductions as needed

2. ILO 3 - mapping program outcomes to ILO 3 (small group task)

3. Partnering with RISE to use SLO data in support of student success

4. Area D Report -- feedback received from departments



Next Meeting - Sept. 6, 2019


  1. Welcome new members

  2. New meeting schedule and Zoom demo

  3. Approve target change of 90% of CRNs reporting (down from 95%)

  4. Review list of 3-year exceptions to CRN-level reporting requirements

  5. SLO Coordinators increased role in curriculum re: SLOs

  6. Tasks this year:  Assessing GELOs B and H; ILO 3; contributing to midterm report (ACCJC); curriculum role; continued support to faculty

  7. Input to midterm report -- look over bullet points and add

  8. Discuss and approve reports for GELOs D and F

  9. Begin the mapping clean up for ILO 3 - small group work

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