Prizes that will be drawn on June 2nd. All report submissions received by June 1 will be eligible for the drawing.


Total number of reports in by end of day, June 1, 2013: ~700 across courses, programs, and services. (Compared to complete results from January 31st forms, that's the same number of counseling program submissions (100%), ~50% of administrative/service units, ~30% of instructional programs, and ~30% of courses.) (The official deadline for the Spring Review is Aug. 31).

We evaluated our processes these past year, refined them, and have seen improved results. We are closing the loop on ongoing assessment of our ongoing assessment...

Commitment to SLO processes across the college is strong -- folks have adapted to a new process (requiring applying for passwords and having editing capabilities) and are jumping on tasks early specifically to demonstrate to the ACCJC our commitment. We are not only continuing with our momentum, but we are improving our performance.

We have a plan for 9/17 FLEX day all-hands all-college meeting led by our college leaders.

Theme: Integrating Accreditation and SLOs into our regular daily college workings & Learning more about what happens in department across the college.


Out of 700 submissions, these names were drawn to win the above prizes.
(Shown in alphabetical order.)

Alan Paul, SPAN 1, 1A, 1B, Elementary Spanish
Amy Miles, ENGL 1A, University Parallel Reading and Writing
Anna Asebedo, Art Discipline, Art
Ben Macri, Automotive/Motorcycle Technology, Construction, and Building Maintenance Certificate of Accomplishment (credit), Plumbing
Bill Goodyear, Continuing Student Counseling Enhanced Orientations
Carla Grandy, GEOG 41A, Climate Change
Carol Jensen, RE 181, Real Estate Principles
Christine Beard/Maria Rosales Uribe, TRST 3421, Algebra 1A
Daniel Archer and Kristin Hren, ENGL 96, Academic Writing and Reading
David Parr, TH A 32, Survey of Modern Drama
Edgar Torres, LALS 70, Individual Study in LALS
Edward Kaufman, LGBT 24, Gay Male Relationships
Elizabeth Riehle, CSST 9651, Advanced Baking and Pastry
Hal Huntsman, MATH 45, Preparation for Statistics
Hsin-Yun Liu, CHIN 1, 1a, 1b. 10a, 12a, Elementary Chinese  & Beginning Conversational Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese)
Jim McFadden, MUS 9B, Intermediate Piano
Joanne Devine, CDEV 73, Observing and Assessing Young Children
John Wilk, TH A 151A,B,C, Character Development and Scene Study
Jose Cuellar, HIST 21, History of Mexican American/Chicano
Josephine M. Ubungen, Continuing Student Counseling Career Development Counseling
Kathy Zetes, CDEV 41H, Environments in Family Child Care
Kay Murphy, DENT 55B, Dental Roentgenography
Kinneret Israel, IDST 30, Demystifying the Middle East
Krista Hanson, RUSS 1a, Continuation of Elementary Russian
Lance Jackson, GRPH 100B, Advance Adobe Illustrator
Leslie Simon, WOMN 55, Ending Sexual Violence: Peer Education
Lisa King, ENGL L, Foundation for College Reading and Studying
Lisa Ocampo/Jane Ernstthal/Jane Ivory, Student Health Services Healthy Me Nutrition,
Lisa Yamashiro, HOEC 104, Life Span Nutrition & Assessment
Louis Schubert, AMS 5, Comics, Power, and Society
Malcolm Cecil/Sheila McFarland, BCST 110, Writing for Broadcast Media
Monica Bosson/Marlen Vasquez, ENGL 93, Introduction to Academic Writing and Reading
Muriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn, CDEV 8101, The Child Development Lab School
Nadine Rosenthal, Learning Assistance Center Service Counters,
Nathan Atkinson, GRPH 92A, Letterpress Printing
Neela Chatterjee, IDST idst 29, Introduction to Islam
Pamela Kamatani, MUS 1A, Musicianship
Peter Stoffers, New Student Counseling Discipline, Academic Achievement and Personal Success
Redouane Elhattab and Rosemary Bergin, NURS nursing 56, advanced med-surg
Rhea Dellimore, CAHS 33, Procurement and Costing
Sheryl Blumenthal, Continuing Student Counseling Instructor Liaison,
Stephan Johnson, PHIL 25c, Early Modern Philosophy
Stephanie Robison, ART 170A, Beginning Sculpture
Timothy Killikelly, POLS 43, The Constitution; Individual Rights
Vivien Mun, DSPS 31101, DSPS M