March 20, 2013

Meeting Notes

Wednesday, March 20th, 3:30-5 pm in S5

  • Testing of report v.3 (and discussion of using Google Mail)
    • Getting a Google Mail account and requiring everyone to have one if they want to complete forms seemed a reasonable request considering benefit re: editing & accreditation -- Basic consensus: do it.
    • Form edits for v.3: streamline! Remove "Other" page and "Highlights" page. Make instructions more robust on which semester events are happening. Future plans will be shorter and recognize the tentativeness of plans.
    • Form will be available May 15th, and folks will be encouraged to complete it alongside final class grades -- before Summer Break -- as the focus is 90% on what was already completed -- with an indication of expected plans to continue SLO assessment the following or future semesters. Any significant extra work should be listed as a plan.
      • To encourage folks to complete by early June, we'll gather incentive "gifts" for a raffle. Everyone who has submitted a report by a particular data will be eligible. Where coordination of multiple sections is required, more raffle tickets will be "assigned."
      • Workshops and Chair Guidance will assist with expectations -- this process doesn't end. Start now.
    • Student workers will assist with developing a document that matches forms exactly, so folks have something to fill out in preparation for the online form.
  • Professional Development needs
  • SLO Coordinator position -- year 2 -- how to get folks to consider this position? Great for folks who are interested in:
    • Leadership
    • Promoting teaching and learning excellence