April 17, 2013

Meeting Notes

Wednesday, April 17th, 3:00-4:30 pm in S45

  • Prizes for drawing on June 1 -- we reviewed the existing businesses of which folks have signed up to request donations. Added new suggestions and signed people up to be responsible.
  • Reviewed the editing issue and how to roll out the new passwords (CCSFMail) without causing extra conflict during the Office 365 drive -- the recommendation from the team was:
    • Editing needs are of primary importance and shouldn't be let go (also there's a bonus of knowing that all entries are tagged with usernames).
    • CCSFMail accounts should be requested BY coordinators and not complete automatically, as this will allow folks to understand why they're doing it. Apparently the process is very easy (all team members did it), and it will likely cause less confusion, help focus recognize the request is specific to this particular project.
    • What can Katryn do to help ITS with the workload issue if/when there are a LOT of requests?
  • Review of forms that will will roll out ASAP. Edits gathered; instructions simplified and reduced. Presentability maximized.
    • ILO Mapping needs to be warned about on front page of Instructional Programs (gather PSLOs before moving forward...)