Archived APT Meeting Notes

Spring 2015 Meeting

April 29th, 9-10 a.m. in L108


Attendees:  Wendy Miller, Andrea Niosi, Ray Gamba, Laura Lara-Brady, Rick Fillman, Pamela Mery, Katryn Wiese, and Kristina Whalen

1. Use of Institution-Set Standards and Performance Indicatorsl.  How do we ensure these are connected to College goals and Board priorities?  Institution-set standards and performance indicators are part of annual mission review and thereby inform College goals and Board priorities.  APT will take an active role in reviewing and framing materials prior to the next annual process.  Last year's materials are online

2. IEPI for credit course completion defined as annual percentage of credit course enrollments where student earned a grade of C or better.  See recommendations* below based upon a discussion of what seems realistic in the short-term (holding steady) and long-term (+4000 additional successful completions due to summer bridge, BSI, Equity, etc).  Need to pay attention to how changes in prerequisites might impact overall completion numbers.

Long-term (6 Years) Goal Goal for 2015-2016 2013- 2014 2012- 2013 2011- 2012 2010- 2011 2009- 2010
73.0 * 71.5 * 71.3 70.0 70.5 70.1 71.6

* indicates recommendation from APT

3. Update on development of additional institution-set standards to more fully reflect CCSF's entire mission.

  • Noncredit metrics to be discussed at Noncredit Issues Committee on 5/6.
  • Certificates of Accomplishment and Job Placement Rates to be discussed at next APT.