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Student Awareness

4-5 pm -- January 11, 2013 -- S136 -- Increasing Student Awareness of SLOs -- 27 participants

How do we ensure our students are aware of course and service outcomes? Join a group brainstorm and sharing of ideas. If you have developed good strategies, please join us and share.

Group Facilitators: Katryn Wiese, Andrea Niosi, and Kathleen Mitchell

Small group formation: -- in each – discuss and record:

Good ideas for DEMONSTRATING STUDENT AWARENESS (gathered before, during, and after workshop and added to as more good ideas become available) -- in no particular order.

  • Student focus groups – gathers data for assessment PLUS improves student awareness (Using course SLOs to foster student engagement. Share PSLOs with student focus groups and gain insight about effectiveness of student services)
  • Have SLOs on first-day handout/syllabus – on separate colored paper stock – bring to every class! Then take 5 minutes at the end of every class and sit in groups and check off the SLOs that they have covered each week.
  • During review for test, pull out syllabus – discuss which SLOs were appropriate and why. Students engage with day-one document a few weeks later. Student group discussion. Did I learn this?
  • Study guides for individual modules and units with a list of SLOs.
  • Excel spreadsheet for each project (student handout) – starts with description of what we’re learning (+ specific outcomes) + grading rubric. Students use it for notes and to follow through on project. Get it back with grade later. SLOs are right there.
  • Ask regularly, why are we doing this?
  • Warn students that they will get email/survey asking if they’ve read and are aware – so go find it and be prepared!
  • Ask students what’s the first outcome they expect from the course this semester as a start for discussing actual outcomes.
  • In a sequence class, such as 4A, 4B ,4C, 4D – ask in 4B about the SLOs for 4A – how comfortable does each student feel about these SLOs? Acquired? No? Next class?
  • Grading rubrics with SLOs attached.
  • 1st day sign-in sheet with the SLOs on it that everyone has to sign
  • SLO quiz at start of semester
  • Extra credit questions on first quiz/exam
  • Start class activities with list of applicable SLOs – add a final question to assignment where students rate their acquisition of SLO.
  • Department survey at beginning with SLOs -- gathers feedback from students on possible SLO refinement AND makes students aware of the course SLOs. Examples:
  • Checklist/signed form/survey with favorite SLO or SLO-related questions.
  • End-of-workshop SLO review as assignment and/or quiz (sample from Library Learning Resources)


...students don't remember much from first week anyway! Must incorporate SLOs into entire semester and just keep at it.


...surveys, forms, assignments, etc.