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Flipping April 8, 2013

Group Work

PARTICIPANTS: Megan Corry, Aimee Yan, Katryn Wiese, Carole Meagher, Chantilly Apollon, Kay Murphy


Group work can be borken up into these areas with these challenges and possible solutions

  • "Forming" groups
    • Possible methods for forming the group: Students choose | Faculty chooses | Same groups throughout the semester | Different groups each project/activity | pairing strong with weak | pairing strong with strong | evolving groups as folks get to know each other | group around topic interest | 2, 3, or 4 in a group is best
    • Challenges & possible solutions:
      • Weak student skates on efforts of stronger students
      • Stronger students feel time is wasted
  • "Storming" -- where groups handle personality, expectations, and different commitment levels to class
    • Let students "fire" each other through defined process (if not completing expected work or if topic isn't of interest)
    • Have individual projects for those students who just can't work in groups
  • "Norming" -- where groups negotiate project details, timelines, responsibilities
  • "Performing" -- where groups work on the project

Additional conversation included:

  • Handling the students who don't prepare and don't care -- the students who attend class but have no plans to pass it and are okay with that -- how to handle them during group work
  • What impact do we really have? (Years of work on better ways to engage students, but are we reaching our students better?)