2013-2014 Past Workshops

May 21 at 3:00 PM in SCI 45: ILO Critical Thinking Assessment  Results Explored.

April 29th, 2:00 PM in MUB 398: Insight Assessment Modules, Repeat performance.

March 18th, 2:00 in MUB 388: Insight Assessment Modules. Use Insight to make your assessment data collection far less labor intensive.

Feb 27th, 3:00 PM in MUB 271: All Alone: Assessment strategies for the single section course. Workshop material may be found here.

February 6th FLEX DAY-- 1:45-2:45, Departmental SLO sessions

The above workshops were on the Ocean campus but any session could be repeated elsewhere if center deans, site supervisors, departmental chairs, or faculty were willing to schedule a time/place and have 7 participant RSVPs in hand.

Tuesdays 1-2 pm Cloud Hall 208B (Spring 2014)

Seek guidance on:

  • SLOs -- refining them, assessing them, analyzing data, considering course or program improvements, and reporting those both in the Aug 31/Jan 31 reports as well as in the annual program review documents. 
  • Program Review -- Linking SLOs to program impacts, resource requests, and improvements
  • Course Outlines -- Updating them to ensure currency, and getting them through the Curriculum Committee
  • Department/Program web pages -- Updating them to ensure currency and making them usable by your faculty, staff, and students

January 9th, 2014 FLEX

  • Using CATs (Course Assessment Techniques) in the Classroom. 1-2 PM in Science 136. This session will explain CATs and share techniques. Attendees will leave with knowledge of how to implement several CAT practices that will allow meaningful adjustments to classroom instruction so as to better ensure students are meeting outcomes. (PowerPoint PDF file)
    Presenter: Geisce Ly, Dean of Downtown Center
  • Mapping Assessments to Course SLOs: 4-5 PM in Science 136. In this hands-on workshop you will map your current assessments to SLOs in one of your courses. From there we will discuss strategies for documenting assessment of SLOs once every three years. Resources for mapping and rubrics for documentation/easy data collection will be provided. Time permitting, we will dialogue about making connections between SLO documentation and student achievement data. **Bring one syllabus listing your course SLOs and the assessments/assignments you use in class.
    Tracy Burt, Faculty CDEV; MIP Coordinator
  • Program-Level  Assessment Strategies. 2-4 PM in Rosenburg 304. This session will demystify program-level assessment by describing several data collection techniques, approaches, as well as data analysis at the program level.
    Presenter Nick Akinkuoye, AVC of Academic Affairs--School Deans
  • Collegewide Dialogue Continued. 4-5PM in MUB 250. This session will explain the two kinds of institutional level assessments used at CCSF (ILOs and GELOs) and provide participants with an overview of recently collected college-wide data, a chance to shape thinking about   action plans related to learning trends across the college, and how members of the college community may participate in a "deep" assessment.
    Presenters: Kristina Whalen and Katryn Wiese
  • Monday, December 9th -- 2-3 pm in MUB 398 -- Outcomes Module in Insight -- Presented by Cynthia Dewar and Diana Markham

FALL 2013 Brown-Bag Lunch Trainings on SLOs and related topics -- Fridays 12-1 pm in Science 37

  • 10/4 -- ILO #1 assessment
  • 10/18 -- Scheduling assessments
  • 10/25 -- Techniques and rubrics for assessing performances, presentations, works of art, and other creative or demonstrative work (resource page)
  • 11/1 -- Sustainable Assessment: Assessing SLOs through already existing class assignments or exams
  • 11/8 -- Writing and submitting a high-quality Fall Outcomes Assessment Progress Report
  • 11/14 -- OPEN -- your call Q&A
  • September 17th, 2013 -- FLEX DAY POSITIVE PATHWAYS TO ACCREDITATION: COLLEGE-WIDE ROBUST DIALOGUE Integrating accreditation and student learning, service, and administrative unit outcomes into our regular daily college workings & learning more about what happens in programs across the college
  • August 13, 2013 -- FLEX DAY
    • 1-2:30 pm -- S136 or S5 -- Return engagement: Addressing Diversity through SLOs and Active Learning -- Presented by Susmita Sengupta and Katryn Wiese -- S5 -- Review how SLOs and a variety of active learning tools can be used to better engage students and address diversity in background, learning styles, and more.
    • 2:30-4 pm -- Open Drop-in Help Lab -- S45 -- Seek help submitting semester reports, refining outcomes and assessments, reviewing results, and/or planning and coordinating efforts across your program/department.
    • 4-5 pm -- SLO Committee -- S45 -- Help us plan semester ILO and GEO assessments and working groups for ILO 1 and GEO areas B, C, and E.