SLO Support & Prof Development


We are available to help!

During the Summer semester, please use the Support Request Form to request help.  


Zoom support will resume once Fall semester begins.


The schedule below will be updated for Fall 2020 once the semester begins.

  • Monday 1-3 (Craig)
  • Monday 5-6 (Dave)
  • Tuesday 12:30-3 (Craig)
  • Wednesday 10-12pm (Andrea)
  • Wednesday 3-5 (Janey)
  • Thursday 7-9pm (Andrea)
  • Friday 10-11 (Dave)


You may still use this Support Request Form to request help from a SLO coordinator. Please be patient. No help guaranteed during holidays, weekends, and breaks.

Why meet with a SLO coordinator?

--Work on and discuss outcomes assessment approaches

--Analyze CurrIQunet results

--Write or revise learning outcomes

--Ensure that outcomes resonate in a course outline

--Review outcomes mapping to GE or programs

--Produce aggregate reports

--Examine course or program aggregate reports

--Disaggregate data with ARGOS

--Troubleshoot technological issues (very rare)

--Chat about anything related to learning outcomes

--Plus they're very nice!

Technical encounters in CurrIQunet: a few quick tips--

  • If you cannot find a saved assessment draft in CurrIQunet, click the grey Curriculum box (top-center) and select Assessment. Scroll your queue for the draft.  Make sure it's a 2019 draft! You might also type the CRN # in the search tool.
  •  Are you the "primary" instructor of a co-taught course? If not, that is why you are having assessment difficulties. The primary teacher should also be the assessor.
  • If you come to a drop-in lab or Zoom session, please know your RAM ID (i.e.,login & password) and your course CRN number[s].
  • If you email for help, please include the CRN in question.
  • If your CRN or year does not appear in CurrIQunet, make sure that you don't already have an existing draft of your report completed. (Click the gray curriculum button, choose assessment, and then review for drafts; you may have only one fully functional draft at a time. Open then delete the extra one.)   
  • If your scroll wheel is not working to view all courses/CRNs, use the down arrow key to tab through the options.
  • Review all boxes carefully before hitting LAUNCH. When you launch a proposal, you are officially submitting your report.
  • Please give the online manual and video guides a chance! 

CRN-level -- Task Guide | User Manual | Video with CC | Video Only


Recent Professional Development

March 3, 2020, Spring FLEX Events

Using Portfolios for Authentic Assessment - David Stevenson 


This workshop will explore ways that student portfolios can be useful tools for course and program-level SLO assessment and a valuable way for students to connect study at CCSF and future employment or transfer. During the session, we will discuss the link between the portfolio and student achievement, look practically at current online portfolio options, and explore case studies in Visual Media Design and BEMA for incorporating portfolios into curriculum and professional advisory sessions.

Aggregate Assessments and SLO Writing/Revising
- Janey Skinner & Andrea Niosi


Would you like some 1:1 support from an SLO Coordinator to help you prepare an aggregate assessment? Write and/or revise SLOs as part of curriculum development? Develop assessments that support student learning and course improvements? Join us for a working session to complete assessment related tasks on your to-do list!

October 15, 2019

Get. It. Done.  Curriculum and Assessment!

Fall Flex Event, Tues, Oct 15, 9:45-11:15, Arts Ext 168

Work with members of the Curriculum Committee and the SLO team—plus your department colleagues—to write, rewrite, and/or discuss assessments and outlines.  Is the lack of a recent aggregate assessment holding back a course or program outline from curriculum tech review?  Is your new or modified course outline just not coming together?  Do your learning outcomes read like they’re from 1999? Does your proposal need to be more student-centered? Are you worried about deadlines? Take advantage of this chance to collaborate with others in a computerized classroom to Get. It. Done.


February 5, 2019, FLEX DAY

Departmental Conversations about ILO 2B!

Jump to the Flex Day Google Form to document your discussion notes


SLO Aggregate Assessments and Updating SLO Language:  Let's Get It Done Together!
Janey Skinner, Sheri Miraglia, SLO Coordinators
1:15 - 3:15pm, Batmale 313, the TLC

When updating curriculum, we naturally look back at recent semesters to see how we're doing and what needs improvement. SLO course-level and program-level (aggregate) assessments can help you do that. Updating curriculum often involves revisiting the SLOs themselves -- do they reflect what you want students to leave the course with? How well do they map to GE? Come to this workshop to get started on your own aggregate assessments for courses or programs you plan to update in the next 18 months and/or to get help on revising your SLOs.