Professional Development

Fall 2017

Drop in SLO Coordinator Support in the TLC, Batmale 313

  • Every Tuesday: 1:00-2:30 - Craig Kleinman (begins September 5)
  • Every Friday:  11-1 - Sheri Miraglia (begins September 8)


All College FLEX - Friday, August 18, 2017

An Introduction to Student Learning Outcomes at CCSF

Presenter: Sheri Miraglia - Batmale 313 from 1:30-3:30 PM

This workshop is designed to teach new and existing employees about the SLO process at CCSF. We will review how to identify the SLOs for courses and programs, and how to submit an assessment report using CurricUNET. We will go over the various types of assessment at CCSF: SLOs, SSOs, PLOs, GELOs and ILOs, and explain how assessment at the course level impacts institutional assessments. Need to review the SLO process to make your end-of-semester reporting easier this semester? Join us! Want to find ways to make assessment more meaningful? We will talk about that too! New faculty member? Get your semester off to a great start by planning your assessment with us in this workshop!


Mid Semester FLEX - October 9, 2017

From Assessment to Improvement – When Evaluation Helps

Presenter: Janey Skinner, SLO Coordination Team, Health Edu & IDST Departments - 10:00am – 11:30am Cloud 246

Panel discussion with 3 to 4 presenters from the college who have had positive experiences with SLO assessment and found ways to move beyond compliance to useful evaluation of learning outcomes that were translated into program or course improvements. Facilitated short presentations followed by Q&A / discussion with the audience.


Making Course-Level SLO Assessment Meaningful

Presenter: David Stevenson, SLO Coordinator/VMD Instructor - 1:00pm – 2:30pm Cloud 246

This workshop will explore assessment methodologies for CRN-level outcomes with the aim of helping our instructors make their course assessments meaningful. We will investigate assessment instruments, the use of rubrics in quantifying performance, and discuss how assessment maps out in CurricUNET reporting. We will also look at examples from CCSF that demonstrate the positive impact that assessment has had on curriculum development and dialogue on course content.


Writing and Revising SLOs

Presenter: Craig Kleinman, SLO Coordination, English Professor 10:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 2:30pm Cloud 104

Many of us struggle--even dread--writing student learning outcomes, in part because the way that they're crafted can have a huge impact on course design, assignments, and assessment. And many of us just don't see the point. Since outcomes are all about what students should take away from a class, it's crucial that the writers and revisers of outcomes look critically at the importance of SLO phrasing and wording. What makes an outcome measurable? What distinguishes a SLO from an assignment? Why are some verbs better than others? When is more less? What about service outcomes? How do course-level SLOs function differ from program-level SLOs? And how does one get Bloomy with it? Learn more about outcomes while learning to write them more effectively.