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Updates from the SLO Coordination Team - 2018

December 3rd 2018


Dear Campus Community:

Fall 2018 is almost over!  CRN-level SLOs are due the same day as Final Grades.

The deadline for submitting course SLO reports is Wednesday, January 2 [11:30 pm]

Those of you who need help with SLO reporting can take advantage of drop-in and email support to assist you.

Drop-in Support continues until December 21.    

Mondays, 10-11 in the TLC - Sheri Miraglia

Tuesdays/Thursdays after 12:30 by appointment in SCIE 330 - Sheri Miraglia (email me to schedule -

Fridays, 12-1 via Zoom - Janey Skinner via Zoom

  • Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
  • Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +16468769923,416884110#  or +16699006833,416884110# 
  • Or Telephone:  Dial: +1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)  OR  +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll)
  • Meeting ID: 416 884 110

An additional day has been added:  Wednesday, January 2 in the TLC (Batmale 313) - Janey Skinner from 1-4 pm.

Email Support

Use this Support Request Form to request help via email.  Remember that SLO Coordinators are ALSO on Winter Break.  Be patient - we may not be able to respond to you immediately as we try to survive our visiting in-laws.....

A few quick tips

If you come to a drop-in lab, please have your RAM ID [login & password], and your course CRN number[s] handy.

If you email for help, please include the CRN in question.

If your CRN or year does not appear in CurricUNET, make sure that you don't already have an existing draft of your report completed.   If your scroll wheel is not working to view all courses/CRNs, remember you can use the down arrow key to tab through the options.

Review all boxes carefully before hitting LAUNCH. Once you launch a proposal, the report is submitted.

Happy Holidays!


The SLO Team.



October 30th 2018

Now that you have your midterm grades turned in, maybe you have the data you need to report on one or more SLOs for your courses.  


Depending on the design of your course, you may not have to wait until the end of the semester to fill out your SLO CRN-level assessment in Curricunet. (Wouldn't it be nice to check that off your to-do list?) 


If your course began before October 9th, then students have been loaded into Curricunet already for reporting.  If your course starts later than that, student data will be loaded the week after Thanksgiving.  


Of course, some outcomes are not fully taught nor fully learned until the end of the semester, so you would do better to wait to fill out the CRN-level report for those outcomes.  


If you would like help with SLO reporting, there is lots of help available:

  • Detailed online directions are available for CRN-level reports --  Task Guide | User Manual | Video with CC (7 min, 16 MB) | Video Only
  • Sheri Miraglia is available for drop-in support in the TLC (Batmale 313) on MONDAYS from 10 to 11 am.
  • Janey Skinner is available for drop-in support via Zoom on Fridays 12 to 1 pm (Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Want to learn more about how SLOs connect to learning and teaching? Come join us at the next SLO Committee meeting on Monday, November 5, 11:00-12:30 in Rosenberg 518.


Have a wonderful second half of the semester!


Janey Skinner

for the SLO Coordinators Team


August 20, 2018

Welcome Back Everyone! We hope everyone had a great summer!  

SLO support will continue to be available throughout the Fall semester.  Two SLO Coordinators are on Sabbatical this semester, so Craig Kleinman and David Stevenson  won't be here, but Janey Skinner, Sheri Miraglia and Andrea Niosi are ready to provide SLO assistance.

SLO Support for Fall, 2018:

Mondays, 10-11 in the TLC - Sheri Miraglia

Tuesdays/Thursdays after 12:30 by appointment in SCIE 330 - Sheri Miraglia (email me to schedule -

Fridays, 12-1 via Zoom - Janey Skinner (details to follow) 

For SSO support, contact Andrea Niosi to make an appointment -

For more info on how to contact SLO Coordinators, click here:


Have a great semester!

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team) -



August 20, 2018

Dear Faculty and Department Chairs,

Last year the Academic Senate Executive Council approved a request by the SLO Coordinators and SLO Committee to  lengthen the time between “aggregate” assessments (course and certificate/degree) from three years to six years.    Yay!

We also asked for aggregate assessments to be completed in advance of updating curriculum.  Why?

  1. Initiating SLO revisions in advance of updating courses and programs will support the outline revision process and assist the curriculum committee in their work.
  2. Reviewing your outcome data from multiple sections and years may help identify where curriculum needs strengthening as well as what’s working well.
  3. By revising the prompts used to write the “analysis” and “next steps” sections of the assessment reports, aggregate assessments now allow you to prepare for revising SLOs, mapping SLOs to GELOs and ILOs, and consider how individual courses fit into degree offerings.
  4. By tying assessment to curriculum updates we “close the loop” demonstrating the use of assessment in course and program improvements and making assessments more valuable.

If you are about to submit a course or program (degree/certificate) outline revision,  you will now need to complete an aggregate assessment first.  The assessment should be current (launched within 18 months of the outline revision).  Department chairs now review and approve aggregate assessment reports. 

There are fantastic online resources that walk you through the process of creating aggregate assessments!  Find them here:, or use the links below.

Course-Level SLO Aggregate --  Task Guide | User Manual | Video with CC (5.5 min, 14 MB) | Video Only

Certificate or Major PSLO --   Task Guide | User Manual | Video with CC (5.5 min, 14 MB) | Video Only

SLO Coordinators will also be holding drop in labs this semester and are always happy to help you create your assessment reports and brainstorm ways to revise your SLOs to make them more assessable and useful.   We will be providing drop in help lab times in an email this week.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Sheri Miraglia (for the SLO Coordination Team)