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To see unit outcomes, go to unit's assessment web page (links to right). 

To see data on past outcomes assessments, view Data Archives.

SLO Assessment Process

“Within institutional effectiveness, departments (academic and nonacademic) are free to stretch themselves to the limit and to attempt innovative approaches to provide services without fear of failure. Within institutional effectiveness, departments are not held accountable for failure or success, only for having in place a process for stating outcomes, measuring accomplishments, and using the results to improve programming.” -- James Nichols, 2008 (reference)

Departmental assessment web pages are department-managed locations for providing additional information about the Department's outcomes assessment process beyond the required reports. Benefits:

  1. Publicly shares Service Outcomes
  2. Facilitates departmental dialog 
  3. Facilitates interdepartmental dialog 
  4. Facilitates sharing of best practices 
  5. Facilitates tracking of progress and planning for the future
  6. Easily links to college-reporting forms for submissions and data archives 
  7. Showcases, publicly, our efforts

How can we get help with our web pages?

  • Team up with another department chair for training and mentoring
  • Spread the workload across the faculty of our departments
  • Cultivate a web-editing resource that is shared across a few departments
  • Request assistance from an SLO Coordinator.
  • To receive assistance with editing City College web pages, please refer to these resources To receive assistance with editing City College web pages, please refer to these resources for the CCSF Web-Editor (called the CMS):
    • Accessing the CMS
    • Training in the CMS
    • Documents describing how to use the CMS