Fall 2013 to Spring 2014

Resolution #           Short Title

2013.08.21.01        Change Practice to End Committee Appointments with End of Semester


2013.09.04.01        Submission of Third Party Comment Concerning ACCJC to the U.S. Department of Education

2013.09.04.02        Transparency during the Accreditation Process


2013.09.18.01        Academic Senate Appointees of the Participatory Governance Council and its Committes

2013.09.18.02        Accept the Proposed New G.E. Area C Outcomes

2013.09.18.03        Establishement of Ad Hoc Committee for the Drafting of Educational Master Plan

2013.09.18.04        Curriculum Committee Membership Change: Proposal to Add three ex-officio

2013.09.18.05        Endorsing the Faculty Statement of Support for Maintaining CCSF's Accreditation

2013.09.18.06        Unlimited Committee Appointments

2013.09.18.07        Limited Committee Appointments


2013.10.02.01        Resolution to Revise the Agenda

2013.10.02.02        Resolution Appointing Faculty to Limited Committees

2013.10.02.03        Resolution Appointing Faculty to Unlimited Committees

2013.10.02.04        Relocating the Conlan Hall Counselors

2013.10.02.05        Proposed New Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Protocol

2013.10.02.06        Proposed Title IX Compliance Procedures and Policies


2013.10.23.01        Resolution to Revise the Agenda

2013.10.23.02        Committee Appointments

2013.10.23.03        Resolution recommending new Political Science ADT to the Board

2013.10.23.04        Resolution in Support of Diversity and Student Equity in Accreditation Standards

2013.10.23.05        Resolution Requesting that the District Leadership not Express Support for ACCJC


2013.11.06.01        Committee Appointments

2013.11.06.02        Resolution recommending approval of new CTE Advisory Committee Structure


2013.11.20.01        Committee Appointments

2013.11.20.02        Resolution for ILOs in the Catalog

2013.11.20.03        Faculty Appointments to (future) AB86 Consortium Group

2013.11.20.04        Recommendation from Education Policies on Enrollment Visibility

2013.11.20.05        Resolution to Approve the Academic Senate Committee Evaluation Survey Questions


2013.12.11.01        Conditionally Approve NonCredit Issues Committee Description

2013.12.11.02        Change Residency Requirement Language

2013.12.11.03        Supporting Work of Dean Santos on Student Due Process Protocol

2013.12.11.04        Authorizing Letter to Chancellors Harris and Tyler

2013.12.11.05        Change Budget Recommendation Process

2013.12.11.06        Thank College of San Mateo


2014.01.22.01        Revise Agenda

2014.01.22.02        Committee Appointments

2014.01.22.03        Appointments to Vision Exercise

2014.01.22.04        Appointments to Education Master Plan Workgroup

2014.01.22.05        Appointments to Mock Accreditation Team

2014.01.22.06        Substantive Change Reports

2014.01.22.07        Full-Time Temporary Financial Aid Counselor

2014.01.22.08        Computer Usage Policy

2014.01.22.09        Inclusion of Student Equity Data & Analysis in Program Review


2014.02.05.01        Revise Agenda: Substantive Change Proposals

2014.02.05.02        Appoint Donna Hayes Faculty Position Allocation Committee

2014.02.05.03        CCSFForward Web Site Language

2014.02.05.04        Forming Workgroup Area C GELO Recommendations

2014.02.05.05        Correct Errors of Fact: Substantive Change Proposal

2014.02.05.06        Request Removal of "Counselor" from CalWORKS Job Announcement

2014.02.05.07        Appoint Election Commissioners

2014.02.05.08        Accept Election Materials

2014.02.05.09        Accept Report Academic Senate Committee Evaluation Report

2014.02.05.10        Commend Karen Saginor for Work on Academic Senate Committee Evaluation Report


2014.03.12.01        Committee Appointments and Education Master Plan Workgroup

2014.03.12.02        Board Policy 2.07 on Participatory Governance

2014.03.12.03        Recommending Collegial Consultation Agreement

2014.03.12.04        Accept AP/IB/CLEP Exam Score Tables

2014.03.12.05        Time Limit on Late Withdrawals

2014.03.12.06        Support for Department Chairs in District Decisions

2014.03.12.07        Concerning Faculty Hiring

2014.03.12.08        Recommend New Student Authentication Policy

2014.03.12.09        Automotive Technology Equipment, Tools, and Materials

2014.03.12.10        Allocation Lottery Funding, Instructional Equipment & Library Materials Funding, etc.


2014.03.26.01        Revise Agenda

2014.03.26.02        Appointing Faculty Chancellor's Task Force on Civil Discourse and Campus Climate

2014.03.26.03        Support of Appropriate Accreditation Standards for Library and Learning Services

2014.03.26.04        Resolution in Opposition to Proposed ACCJC Standard I.C.9 

2014.03.26.05        Resolution in Support of Proposed Changes to the Faculty Hiring Procedures

2014.03.26.06        Resolution on Institution-Set Standards

2014.03.26.07        Draft Job Announcement for the President of City College and Centers


2014.04.16.01         Resolution Appointing Lillian Marrujo-Duck to the Student Equity Strategies Committee

2014.04.16.02         Resolution on Enrollment Visibility Pilot Resolution

2014.04.16.03         Resolution for Open Board Meetings

2014.04.16.04         Resolution to Modify Institutional Learning Outcome I

2014.04.16.05         Resolution Authorizing Fred Teti to Forward Faculty Concerns Regarding the Job Description for the Position of                                     Facilities Director to the Administration


2014.04.30.01         Resolution to Revise the Agenda

2014.04.30.02         Resolution Appointing Faculty to Limited and Unlimited Committees

2014.04.30.03         Request College to Convene a Counseling/STEM School meeting on Advisories

2014.04.30.04         Resolution on Collegial Consultation

2014.04.30.05         Resolution Discussion: Conversion of Relic RD Grades to Evaluative Symbols

2014.04.30.06         Establishment of a Professional Development Committee

2014.04.30.07         Establishment of a Professional Development Coordinator

2014.04.30.08         Establishment of Online Flex Reporting

2014.04.30.09         Recommend Modifications to Academic Renewal Policy

2014.04.30.10         Request to Return to the Former Administrator Hiring Procedures

2014.04.30.11         Resolution to Rename the Arts Department


2014.05.14.01         Resolution Appointing Faculty to and Unlimited Committees

2014.05.14.03         Recommend the College to Convene a Counseling/STEM School meeting on Advisories

2014.05.14.04         Approval of Education Master Plan Goals and Strategic Discussions

2014.05.14.05         Proposed Modification of Academic Renewal Policy

2014.05.14.06         Counseling Reorganization

2014.05.14.07         Resolution on Pilot for Common Assessment Initiative

2014.05.14.08         Resolution on CCSF Participation in Ed Planning Pilot

2014.05.14.09         Academic Senate Calendar for 2014-2015 

2014.05.14.10         Participatory Governance Council Appointments