Fall 2012 to Spring 2013

Resolution #           Short Title

2012.08.22.01        Senate Parliamentarian

2012.08.22.02        Composition of Committee on Committees

2012.08.22.03        Naming 5th Member, Committee on Committees

2012.08.22.04        Concerning Proposed Reorganization of Research and Planning and the Revision and Creation of
                                                    Administrative Positions

2012.09.05.01        Appointments to Curriculum Committee

2012.09.19.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.09.19.02        Resolution in Support of Department Chairs

2012.09.19.03        Faculty Evaluation to Include SLO Activities 

2012.10.03.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.10.03.02        Policy on Participartory Governance

2012.10.03.03        Composition of Governance Council

2012.10.03.04        Requiring Online Submission of Grades for Credit Classes

2012.10.03.05        Instituting FW Grade

2012.10.03.06        Revisions to Purpose and Membership of Ad Hoc Committee on Student Learning Outcomes

2012.10.03.07        Requesting Institutional Support for Student Learning Outcomes

2012.10.03.08        Resolution Tentatively Recommending Draft Board Policy BP 2.08: Collegial Governace:
                                                                    Academic Senate

2012.10.03.09        Supporting Revision of California Community Colleges Discipline List for Health Education

2012.10.03.10        Resolution on October 15, 2012 Special Report to ACCJC   

2012.10.24.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.10.24.02        On Board Policy 2.08: Collegial Governance - Academic Senate

2012.10.24.03        Structure of Committees of the Academic Senate

2012.10.24.04        Appointment of Election Commissioners

2012.11.07.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.11.07.02        Revision to Template for Academic Senate Committees

2012.11.07.03        Clarification of Committee Roles in Policy Development

2012.11.28.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.11.28.02        Quick Start Guide Draft for Academic Senate Committees       

2012.12.12.01        Appointments to Committees

2012.12.12.02        Program Discontinuance Policy and Procedure

2012.12.12.03        Quick-Start Guide for Academic Senate Committees

2012.12.12.04        Revising Submitted Descriptions for Academic Senate Committees

2012.12.12.05        Technology Plan

2012.12.12.06        Curriculum Committee Recommendations



2013.01.23.01        Appointments to Committees

2013.01.23.02        Draft Job Announcements for Center Dean and School Dean

2013.01.23.03        Requesting Record Keeping for Faculty Assignments Labeled Non-Instructional by
                                                   State of California Definitions

2013.02.06.01        Institutional Learning Outcomes

2013.02.06.02        Academic Senate Committees

2013.02.06.03        Electronic Faculty Forum (EFF)

2013.02.06.04        Academic Senate Spring 2013 Election Materials

2013.02.27.01        Concerning March 15, 2013 Show Cause Report to ACCJC

2013.02.27.02        Appointing Faculty to Administrative Hiring Committees

2013.02.27.03        Establishing a Faculty Professional Development Activities Committee

2013.02.27.04        Printed Schedule for Summer and Fall 2013

2013.02.27.05        Committee Appointments

2013.03.13.01        Committee Appointments

2013.03.13.02        Supporting CCC ESL Assessment for Placement Test

2013.04.03.01        Committee Appointments

2013.04.03.02        Composition of Administrative Search Committees

2013.04.03.03        Guidelines for EFF

2013.04.03.04        Course Repetition Policy

2013.04.17.01        Appointments to Committees

2013.04.17.02        Curriculum Committee Recommendations

2013.05.01.01        Appointment to Committee

2013.05.01.02        Academic Senate Self-Evaluation

2013.05.01.03        Procedures for Collegial Consultation

2013.05.01.04        International Education Advisory Committee

2013.05.15.01        Appointments to Committees

2013.05.15.02        Recommendation for Board Policy Concerning PRSD

2013.05.15.03        Academic Senate Responses on Accreditation

2013.05.15.04        Recommendations Concerning 10 + 1 Matters

2013.05.15.05        Retreat Rights

2013.05.15.06        Descriptions of Two Committees

2013.05.15.07        Online Course Development

2013.05.15.08        Priority Registration for Continuing Intercollegiate Forensics Students

2013.05.15.09        Curriculum Issues

2013.05.15.10        Meeting Schedule for 2013–2014

2013.05.15.11        Fall Senate Orientation

2013.05.15.12        Appointments to the Participatory Governance Council


Temporarily posted here for now ----

2013.09.04.01        Submission of Third Party Comment Concerning ACCJC to the U.S. Department of Education

2013.09.04.02        Transparency during the Accreditation Process