Fall 2011 to Spring 2012

Resolution #        Short Title

2011.08.24.01    Approval of Meeting Places

2011.08.24.02    Appointment of Senate Parliamentarian

2011.08.24.03    Academic Senate Resolution Proposing Recommendations Concerning BOT Draft Policy P1

2011.09.07.01    Shared Governance Committee Appointment - Limited Membership

2011.09.07.02    Executive Council Meeting Places for Fall

2011.09.07.03    Executive Council Plan for Innovative Instruction

2011.09.07.04    Appointment to Innovation Instruction Ad Hoc Committee

2011.09.07.05    Approval of Strategic Plan 2011-2016 - Appendix A   

2011.09.21.01    Committee Appointment - Limited and Unlimited Membership

2011.10.05.01    Committee Appointment - Limited and Unlimited Membership

2011.10.05.02    Task Force on Student Success

2011.10.05.03    Task Force on Student Success Workgroup

2011.10.05.04    Wireless Network Authentication

2011.10.05.05    ADMJ/Academic Senate ADMJ Community Initiatives Resolution

2011.10.05.06    Title 5 Awareness Promotion

2011.10.26.01    Unlimited Committee Appointments

2011.10.26.02    Limited Committee Appointments

2011.10.26.03    Community Access and Student Acchievement in California Community Colleges

2011.10.26.04    Draft Resolutions State Plenary of the AS Student Success Task Force Recommendations 3.2 and 4.1

2011.11.09.01    Unlimited Committee Appointments

2011.11.09.02    Limited Committee Appointments

2011.11.09.03    Provision for Leave from Executive Council: Approval of Wording

2011.11.09.04    Resolution on 2012 Accreditation Self Study Report

2011.11.30.01    Committee Appointments - Limited and Unlimted

2011.11.30.02    Meeting Locations for Spring 2012

2011.12.14.01    Limited Committee Appointments

2011.12.14.02    Curriculum Committee Appointment

2011.12.14.03    Amendments to the By-Laws Article VI

2011.12.14.04    Instructionally Related Assignments Draft Policy

2011.12.14.05    Named Gift and other Giving Opportunities

2011.12.14.06    Registration Priority for Puente Program Students

2011.12.14.07    Executive Council Online Elections Spring 2012

2011.12.14.08    Approval of Curriculum Committee Courses and Recommendations



2012.01.25.01    Limited and Unlimted Committee Appointments

2012.01.25.02    Registration Priorities for Students in Gateway Program

2012.01.25.03    Academic Senate Resolution for Ad Hoc Committee on Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

2012.01.25.04    Approval of Changes to Job Descriptions

2012.01.25.05    New Subcommittee on Veterans Support

2012.02.08.01    Limited Committee Appointments

2012.02.08.02    Academic Senate Executive Council Election Materials

2012.02.08.03    Administrator Evaluation Process and "Short Forms"

2012.02.29.01    Limited and Unlimited Committee Appointments

2012.02.29.02    Support of AFT 2121's Work for the Millionaires Tax to Fund Public Education

2012.03.14.01    Limited and Unlimited Committee Appointments

2012.03.14.02    Composition of the Search Committees for the Vice Chancellor of Policy & Research & the Vice Chancellor                                         of Campuses & Enrollment Services

2012.03.14.03    Academic Senate Resolution Requesting Compliance with Board Policy BP 2360 and District Sunshine Policy                                 Concerning the Taking of Minutes

2012.03.14.04    Named Gift and Other Giving Opportunities

2012.03.14.05    Modification of the Grading Policies Subcommittee Composition

2012.03.14.06    Board Policy Concerning Budget Process. BP 7001

2012.04.04.01    Limited and Unlimited Committee Appointments

2012.04.04.02    March 12 Memo to ACCJC/WASC Visiting Team

2012.04.18.01    Concerning English and Math Placement Testing and Asessment Policies

2012.04.18.02    Recommendations for Changes to Administrative Job Descriptions

2012.04.18.03    Resolution on Nomination of Faculty to Serve on Administrative Screening Committees

2012.04.18.04    Recommendations for the Chancellor Search Committee

2012.04.18.05    Faculty Input on Shared Governance Evaluation

2012.04.18.06    Recommendation regarding "Blueprint of College Wide Policy and Implementation Strategy for Improving                                         Equal Opportunity in Faculty Recruitment and Selection"

2012.05.02.01    Limited and Unlimited Committee Appointments

2012.05.02.02    Appeals Process for Taking Courses Out of Sequence

2012.05.02.03    Recommendation regarding "Blueprint of College Wide Policy and Implementation Strategy for Improving                                         Equal Opportunity in Faculty Recruitment and Selection"

2012.05.16.01    Limited and Unlimited Committee Appointments

2012.05.16.02    Policy Blueprint: Faculty Recruitment and Selection

2012.05.16.03    Report on Academic Senate Executive Council Work

2012.05.16.04    Curriculum Issues

2012.05.16.05    Student Learning Outcome

2012.05.16.06    Recommendation Against Opt-Out Option Policy for CCSF Gmail

2012.05.16.07    Letter by English Department faculty member Paolo Sapienza concerning Board meeting of April 26th, 2012