Fall 2007 to Spring 2008


Resolution #      Short Title                                                                                                                                            

2007.08.29.01      Proposed New Basic Skills Subcommittee Purpose Statement                     

2007.08.29.02      Proclamation in Honor of Dr. Frederick Teti

2007.09.12.01      Approval of Executive Council Minutes                                     

2007.09.12.02      Committee on Committees Selection

2007.09.26.01      Committee on Committees Selection                                                                   

2007.09.26.02      Support for Campus Exemption

2007.09.26.03      Further Support for Campus

2007.10.10.01      Committee on Committees Selection                                                                   

2007.10.10.02      Committee on Committees Selection

2007.10.17.01      Upper Division Transfer Units

2007.10.17.02      Recommendations for Breadth Requirement Proposal Process

2007.10.17.03      Bipartite Workgroup Composition

2007.10.17.04      Bipartite Workgroup

2007.10.24.01      Approval of New Position: Associate Senior Counsel for Policy Review & Analysis            

2007.10.24.02      Approval of Upgraded Positions: Dean of Grants & Resource Development

2007.10.24.03      Approval of Upgraded Position: Associate Vice Chancellor for International Education

2007.10.24.04      Approval of Position: Director: Alumni, Relation, and Annual Giving

2007.11.07.01      Job Announcement for Vice Chancellor of Student Development                    

2007.11.07.02      Job Announcement for Associate Dean of Distance Education

2007.11.07.03      Chancellor’s Job Announcement

2007.11.07.04      Article X Resolution for 2007-2008 Academic Year

2007.11.28.01      Article X Workgroup Resolution for 2007-2008 Academic Year                        

2007.12.12.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments                                                   

2007.12.12.02      Basic Skills Initiative Workgroups Appointments

2007.12.12.03      Basic Skills Initiative Steering Task Force Appointments


2008.01.30.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments                                                   

2008.01.30.02      Basic Skills Initiative Workgroups Appointments

2008.01.30.03      Institute Review Board Proposal

2008.02.20.01      Basic Skills Initiative Workgroups Appointments                                                

2008.02.20.02      Shared Governance Committee Appointments

2008.02.20.03      Resolution Commending Nursing Department                                                  

2008.02.20.04      Proposed Changes to The Associate Degree

2008.02.20.05      2008 Academic Senate Election Calendar

2008.02.20.06      Resolution Honoring Dr. Day by Board of Trustees

2008.02.20.07      Resolution Honoring Dr. Day by Academic Senate

2008.02.20.08      Resolution Honoring Dr. Day by Dept. Chairperson Council

2008.02.27.01      CCSF Credit for Advanced Placement Test Scores

2008.02.27.02      Recommended Changes to the Associate Degree

2008.02.27.03      Breadth Requirement Approval Process

2008.03.05.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments – Limited Membership         

2008.03.05.02      Shared Governance Committee Appointments – Unlimited Membership

2008.03.19.01      Proposed Changes to Biotechnology Faculty Minimum Qualifications          

2008.03.19.02      Shared Governance Committee Appointments

2008.03.19.03      Election Commissioner Appointments

2008.03.19.04      Satisfactory Progress (SP) Grade for Noncredit Courses

2008.04.09.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments                                                   

2008.04.09.02      Extension of Article X Workgroup for 2 weeks

2008.04.09.03      Satisfactory Progress (SP) Grade for Noncredit Courses

2008.04.23.01      Removal of Sentence                                                                                                

2008.04.23.02      Addition of Sentence

2008.04.23.03      Report by the Workgroup for Article X of CCSF Constitution

2008.04.23.04      Article X Resolution

2008.04.23.05      Shared Governance Committee Appointments

2008.05.07.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments                                                   

2008.05.14.01      Shared Governance Committee Appointments                                                   

2008.05.14.02      Article X Resolution

2008.05.14.03      Extension of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Ad Hoc Committee

2008.05.14.04      Waiver of Remedial Coursework

2008.05.14.05      Name Change of Vocational Ed. Subcommittee to the Career & Technical Ed. Subcommittee