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CCSF Resources

Accreditation Standards 2014

New Old Standards Comparison 2014-12-31

4/20 Forum on Accreditation and Academic Academy

ASCCC Event Resources

General Session 1: Brief Welcome

Boards, Unions, and Other Considerations That You Will Get Dinged for That You Can’t Do Anything About

Student Services, Libraries and Equity in the Online Arena

General Session 2: Institutional Effectiveness - What Can the Chancellor’s Office Do for You?

Preparing Your Campus for a Site Visit

Silver Linings: Thriving Through Sanctions

Changing the Culture – Facilitating Campus Wide Involvement in the Self-Evaluation Process

Distance Education: Regular Effective Contact

Accreditation Challenges in Multi-College Districts

College Processes in the Context of Accreditation: An Opportunity for Equity

What to Do When You Know You Don’t Meet the Standard

Team Training – Views from Visiting Teams

Online Education Planning Tools: Sacramento City College and Irvine Valley College

“I Can Afford College” and Associate Degree for Transfer Programs

Basic Skills and Beyond: Expanding the First-Year Experience with Equity

Education Planning Initiative Update—What We’ve Been Doing and Where We Are Headed

What Is Cultural Competency, and What Does It Mean to Plan for It?

Statewide Focus on Career Development and College Preparation: New Opportunities for Equity

Evaluating the California Acceleration Project (CAP)

Utilizing the ASCCC Paper on Role of Counseling to Assist in the Delivery of Student Education Plans

ASCCC Exemplary Programs: Making IT Happen and GO Days

Student Career Success is Everyone’s Job
10 Tips for Career Planning
Career Passport
Career Websites
Get Soft Skills

Equity’s Others: Inclusion Beyond the Student Equity Plan Template

What Did We Do? Sharing SSSP Plans
The Coming Together of Our 3SP Plan
Norco College Student Success and Support Program Plan (1)
Norco College Student Success and Support Program Plan (2)
Create Your Future. Start Here.

Giving Students the EDGE and CROSSroads—Closing the Remedial Gap

Napa Valley Pilots the Crossover:

  •     Napa Valley Webinar 
  •     2002 Student Achievement and Assessment Ideals
  •     ACCJC Presentation
  •     Characteristics of Evidence
  •     Accreditation Reference Handbook
  •     Checklist for Evaluation
  •     Conversation with Napa Valley Powerpoint
  •     Eligibility Requirements
  •     Manual for Institutional Self Evaluation
  •     Standard 1A Mission Map
  •     Standard 1B2 Institutional Effectiveness Map
  •     Standard 1C Institutional Integrity Map
  •     Standard 4A Decision Making Map