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2014 Self Evaluation for Faculty Review:

This is YOU. This is the document that describes your professional contributions to CCSF. All paths lead to this document as a representation of CCSF.  Make sure it represents a clear, complete, and evidence-based descripton of your institution.

Remember that you are describing your fulfillment of the Roles and Responsibilities of faculty. See a description of these roles (10 + 1) below.

Take the time necessary to familiarize yourself with what the editing teams have been asked to do. There are resources and details on the Instructions page. Scroll all the way down the Instructions page. Pay special attention to the resource that explains "Evidence".

Suggestions for improvement need to identify:

1. the Standard being referenced,
2. the text that needs to improve,
3. suggested improved text,
4. description of supporting evidence, and
5. links to the supporting evidence.

The best suggestion is one that can easily be put to use!

Instructions    Status of the Standards  Front Matter    Standard I

Standard IIA     Standard IIB     Standard IIC

Standard IIIA   Standard IIIB    Standard IIIC    Standard IIID

Standard IVA     Standard IVB

Email suggestions for improvement to your constituent leader:

Faculty: Lillian Marrujo-Duck

Staff: Jill Kersey

Administrators: Kristin Charles

Students: Bouchra Simmons at


The Two-Year Rule and Due Process: ACCJC's Credibility and an Examination of Evidence. Karen Saginor. May 29, 2014.
"CCSF support gains momentum, but accreditation deadline remains unclear." Laura Dudnick. San Francisco Examiner. May 21, 2014
"CCSF accrediting group can extend deadline, feds tell Pelosi." Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 20, 2014
Board of Governors letter to ACCJC. Manuel Baca. May 20, 2014
Department of Education letter to Leader Pelosi. Lynn B. Mahaffie. May 19, 2014.
"A hidebound review panel is punsihing City College" [staff editorial] SFGate. May 16, 2014
"Accreditors firm on deadline for closing City College of S.F." Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May15, 2014
"CCSF supporters press for extension to fix problems" Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May15, 2014
"The Fight to Save San Francisco’s Public College." Justine Drennan. The Nation  May 15, 2014
"City College of S.F. could get more time to shape up" Nanette Asimov. SFGate. May 14, 2014
Leader Pelosi letter to Department of Education requesting clarification. Nancy Pelosi. May 9, 2014
Letter thanking CEOCCC. Karen Saginor. May 7, 2014
CEOCCC letter. Helen Benjamin. April 25, 2014
"Errors Seen in Commissioners' opinion piece on CCSF funding." Nanette Asimov. SFGate. April 22, 2014
"CCSF Legal Battle Heats Up" Laura Dudnick. San Francisco Examiner. April 16, 2014
Letter concerning candadicy. Arthur Q. Tyler. April 14, 2014
"The Way Forward."
Sherrill Amador, Frank Gornick, and Steve Kinsella. SFGate. April 12, 2014  and on ACCJC website
"Give City College More Time to Meet Accreditaiton Requirements." Ed Lee and Brice Harris. SFGate. March 26, 2014

Ongoing concerns about the Staying Open plan, aka the Road Map.  October 28, 2013.

Preliminary information about the Contingency Plan/Closure Report (provided before October 14th)

Best sources for latest Accreditation information and documents:

U.S. Department of Education Decision Letter to ACCJC   August 13, 2013

Board of Supervisors Government Audit and Oversight Committee. July 25, 2013. “Hearing to address the importance of City College as an academic institution and resource for San Francisco’s diverse communities and local economy, and discuss the potential impact of the Accrediting Commission and what public officials, including the Mayor, are doing to protect the college and safeguard vital programs, assets, and overall accreditation.”

Informal Notes
Video  Agenda Item 4 concerning CCSF starts about 1:30 hours into recording

CCC Chancellor Harris talks with constituency leaders.  Informal Notes.  July 17, 2013

Email to Chancellor Harris. August 11, 2013

Summary of Findings from decision letter and Visiting Team Report  (pdf)   (doc)

Statement of support from AAUP



Materials from ACCJC Public Meeting
June 7, 2013   SFO Marriott

Technical limitations required us to scan the materials in small parts:

  • FileA  1. Agenda
  • FileB  3. Minutes for January, 2013
  • FileC  4. President's Report - Barbara Beno
  • FileD  continues 4. Barbara Beno's Report
  • FileE  concludes 4. Barbara Beno's Report. 5. Vice President's Report - Susan Clifford
  • FileF  6. Vice President's Report - Krista Johns
  • FileG  continues 6. Krista Johns' Report
  • FileH  concludes 6. Krista Johns' Report. 7. Vice President's Report - Jack Pond. 8. Associate Vice President's Report - Norv Wellsfry
  • FileI  Public comment. 9. Report of Policy Committee Chair Marie B. Smith.
  • FileJ  10. First Reading Policies.
  • FileK  11. Second Reading Policies.
  • FileL  continues 11. Second Reading Policies.
  • FileM  concludes 11. Second Reading Policies.
  • FileN  12. Operational Policies and Documents.
  • FileO  concludes 12. Operational Policies and Documents. (Bylaws)
  • FileP  13. Edits to Existing Policies.
  • No materials provided to public for 14-16: Financial Reports and Budget
  • FileQ  17. Accreditation Standards Review
  • FileR  18. Council of RegionalAccreditating Commissions (CRAC) - Barbara Beno. 19. Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Report - Barbara Beno.
  • FileS  concludes 19. Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Report. 20. WASC-Schools Commission - Gary Davis.
  • FileT  22. California Community Colleges - Barry Russell. 23. Hawaii Colleges - Mike Rota
  • FileU  24. Western Pacific Colleges - Patrick Tellei.
  • FileV  25. Commission Election Process and Results.

Informal, unofficial notes

Sound recording of part of Teeka James comments with questions and comments from the commissioners at:

Joe Fitzgerald. "City College Overseers Bar Most Speakers from Meeting." San Francisco Bay Guardian Online. June 9, 2013.

Nanette Asimov. "College Accreditors Bar Many from Meeting." SFGate June 7, 2013.


How was the visit? an informal composite summary culled from informal faculty notes about the accreditation visit on April 4-5.

The Accreditation Visit. Notes by Gregory Keech. April 10, 2013.

Academic Senate Responses to ACCJC Recommendations  DRAFT April 4, 2013.

March 12, 2013. The Academic Senate has concluded making contributions to the Show Cause Report to be submitted to ACCJC on March 15th.  Any significant new events may be documented in a separate update. Also, materials are still being added to the evidence files.

February 27, 2013. The Academic Senate Executive Council reviewed a report on resolution or lack of resolution of issues as of February 27, 2013 discussed expectations for at least partial resolution of outstanding issues, and then approved Resolution 2013.02.27.02 authorizing President Saginor to sign the Show Cause report.

February 20, 2013. The Academic Senate Executive Council reviewed issues that were in process of resolution on February 18, 2013 concerning the Show Cause Report.

February 4-7, 2013. The draft sections posted here recorded changes requested  to reflect input from over 200 faculty - a wonderfully overwhelming response!

      Standard I.A.             Standard III.A.               Standard IV.A.

      Standard I.B.             Standard III.B.                Standard IV.B.
      Standard II.A.            III.C. (not submitted)      Centers and Sites
      Standard II.B.            Standard III.D.
      II.C. (not submitted)                      

     Note: All faculty input to II.C. and III.C has flowed expeditiously through channels other than Academic Senate

January 24-February 4. The Academic Senate recieved substantial input from many faculty members and additional helpful communications since that date.


1988 ACCJC Decision letter on CCSF (pdf)


Accreditation Institute. February 8-9, 2013 in San Jose.

How do we measure up? Preliminary thought on our progress in meeting accreditation standards January 3, 2013  ( pdf )

Report on Major Issues concerning SLOs, Accreditation, the Budget and related topics. October 5, 2012 ( pdf )

DRAFT initial analysis of the Report of Dr. Serrano and the visiting team. 7/10/12

Informal Notes from the Accreditation Forum. July 6, 12

Accreditation Forum. Streaming Video. July 6, 12  (Must install Silverlight software to view)

Academic Senate Executive Council Resolution concerning Memo to ACCJC/WASC Visiting Team. April 4, 2012

Context for information provided to the Accreditation Visiting Team. March 22, 2012

Memo to the Accreditation Visiting Team. March 12, 2012

Find additional information at: and


  • Administrative Hiring

    Administrative Hiring Procedures presented to the Board of Trustees in 2013  pdf

    Draft Position Description for President of City College and Centers as of 3/19/14   pdf
         On 3/28/14 word was received that the title of position has been changed to
         "President of Ocean Campus and Centers" -- as discussed at February PGC meeting.

    Position announcement for Chancellor that was used in Summer 2013


  • Board of Trustees Policies

DRAFT of Academic Senate recommendation for Policy and Procedures for Program Revitalization, Suspension, and/or Discontinuance (PRSD) ( pdf ) ( doc )

  • Consultation and Participatory Practices
  • Diablo Valley College Documents provided for Panel Discussion - February 6, 2013

Basic numbers - headcounts, FTES, FTEF ( pdf )

Largest department / smallest department ( pdf )

Organization Chart (pdf )

Division breakdowns - chairs and lead faculty in each division (pdf )

Workload information - department chair stipends ( pdf )

Job description for instructional administrators ( pdf )

Faculty contract selections, including duties for department chairs ( pdf )   Full contract online

Faculty job descriptions - position announcements online

Academic Calendar ( pdf )


  • Education Master Plan
  • Faculty Hiring
  • Learning Outcomes

Draft Institutional Learning Outcomes for CCSF (ILOs) ( pdf )

General Education Outcomes (GEOs) ( pdf )

Informal, selective notes on ACCJC Regional workshop concerning SLOs, Program Review, and Institutional Planning ( pdf )

Report on Major Issues concerning SLOs, Accreditation, the Budget and related topics ( pdf )

Institutional Learning Outcomes from other Community Colleges ( pdf )

Find much more about Learning Outcomes and Assessments at:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Noninstructional activities
  • Participatory Governance Meetings

These are informal notes. Find official records of meeting by following links from the Participatory Governance pages.

Participatory Governance Council February 20, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Enrollment Management Committee February 10, 2014.   Informal notes by Carole Meagher. two handouts:
      Schedule Building Timeline              Printed Schedule Distribution

Participatory Governance Council January 16, 2014. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Planning Committee November 7, 2013. Informal notes by Kim Ginther-Webster.

Enrollment Management Committee November 7, 2013.
Informal notes by Carole Meagher.

Planning Committee October 3, 2013. Informal notes by Kim Ginther-Webster.

Enrollment Management Committee October 3, 2013.
Informal notes by Carole Meagher.

Accreditation Committee October 2, 2013.
Informal notes by Fred Teti and Karen Saginor.

Participatory Governance Council meeting September 19, 2013.
Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Enrollment Management Committee September 18, 2013.
Informal notes by Carole Meagher.

Participatory Governance Council August 15, 2013.  Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Enrollment Management Committee April 23, 2013. Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Planning Committee meeting April 22, 2013. Informal notes by Kim Ginther-Webster.

Participatory Governance Council meeting April 18, 2013.  Informal notes by Karen Saginor.
Accreditation Steering Committee meeting April 2, 2013.
Informal notes by Sandra Vaughn and Karen Saginor.

Participatory Governance Council meeting March 14, 2013.  Informal notes by Karen Saginor.

Budget information, posted by Karen Saginor, March 19, 2013.  More complete budget information will be made available in connection with Board of Trustees meeting.

Planning Committee meeting March 7, 2013. Informal notes by Kim Ginther-Webster.

  • Placement Testing and Assessment


  • Professional Development
  • Student Success

Materials from the review phase of the Student Success Task Force and associated regulations  ( html )

Additional materials relating to Student Success Issues and the State Student Success Task Force:


  • Sunshine Policy