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Selected Sources relevant to ACCJC and the accreditation of City College

City College of San Francisco Accreditation Website

Show Cause Evaluation Report

1. CCSF received letter from ACCJC 2/24/2015.
2. CCSF notified ACCJC of our desire to opt in (done 2/27/2015).
3. Judge Karnow denied ACCJC's request to limit report to evidence of only 10 deficiencies. ACCJC must address all 32 deficiencies claimed in June 2013. 
4. Within 40 days of receiving our notice to opt in, ACCJC sent CCSF a written report that identifies deficiencies as of June 2013.
5. Within 80 days CCSF submitted its written response.
6. Then ACCJC convened the Commission on July 8th 2015. Susan Lamb read this statement
7. ACCJC sent a decision letter on August 5, 2015. 

Thank you to all the faculty who assisted with locating evidence for the Injunction Response. 

The draft Injunction/Reconsideration response is available for you to review.  

The Court decisions are below:

Karnow's Final Decision
Karnow's Preliminary Decision
The People's Closing Argument
ACCJC's Closing Argument