Success in Math, ESL and English

AB 705 Support Resource Request Form:

AB 705 Support Basic Skills Initiative

The primary purpose is to provide a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas, research and best practices related to the field of basic skills.

The Basic Skills Committee may provide support to faculty in assessment and in curriculum and professional development, and it may design and organize activities for members of the College Community. May provide recommendations for basic skills projects to be funded through categorical funds when available.

Basic Skills Initiative Main Web site

Basic Skills Handbook

When requested or when needed, the Committee may provide recommendations to the Academic Senate or other participatory governance bodies on matters related to basic skills.

Chair: Mitra Sapienza, AB705 Coordinator,, 415-452-5897

Committee Membership: Limited:13 faculty;  2 seats for English, 2 seats for ESL, (credit and noncredit), 2 seats for Math, 2 seats for Transitional Studies (noncredit), 2 seats for Counseling, 1 seat for CTE, and 2 seats divided between other interested departments. The voting members consist of 13 faculty serving two year terms.

The Success in Math, ESL and English (SMEE), (formerly Basic Skills committee) is an Advisory Committee. Advisory Committees: Discuss, research, and make recommendations for a particular area that affect multiple departments/offices. Usually limited membership.

Meeting day and time:

Second Mondays 2:30-4 PM

(*meeting dates may not be necessary depending on PR allocation progress)