Student Equity Strategies

The Student Equity Strategies Committee

  • Investigates barriers to success for under-represented students at CCSF
  • Identifies needed support to increase persistence semester to semester, and the attainment of basic skills mastery, certificates, degrees, and transfer requirements
  • Advises the Academic Senate on effective strategies for achieving student equity
  • Fosters college-wide dialog on the achievement gap and progress of under-represented students
  • Promotes information sharing among other colleges, schools and universities
  • Updates/revises the CCSF Student Equity Plan as needed
  • Consults and collaborates with the basic skills departments (Math, English, ESL), Transitional Studies Department, Student Services offices (e.g. Matriculation, Counseling), Diversity Committee, Basic Skills Committee, Non-Credit Issues Committee, and other groups as appropriate.
  • Consults and collaborates with the Office of Research and Planning to analyze student success data by multiple outcomes, disaggregated by multiple demographic variables; and to evaluate effectiveness of various implemented strategies to increase equity of outcomes.

Committee Membership: New Academic Senate Resolution dated 1/27/16:

13 faculty with 1 seat for English, 1 seat for Math, 2 seats for ESL (1 credit and 1 noncredit), 4 seats for Counseling (at least 1 credit, 1 at least noncredit), 1 seat for Science, 1 seat for Transitional Studies (noncredit), 1 seat for CTE, and the remaining 2 seats to come from other, not already listed, departments.

                 Elizabeth Brock  (415) 239-3620

                 Janey Skinner (415) 452-5276

3 administrators, 3 classified staff members, 5 students

Meeting day and time:
First Tuesday of each month

Time: 3:00-5:00 in MUB 361

February 4
March 10 (held the 2nd Tuesday due to Flex Day on 3/3)
April 7


May 5 (may be cancelled)

* this special meeting on 4/28 was scheduled (at the 4/7 meeting) in order to meet the timeline of the Fan5 categorical funding group, to get 2020-2021 funding recommendations through the approval process.  We will meet by Zoom.  For Zoom link, write to