SLO Committee

The SLO Committe...

• Reviews and refines plans, models, timelines, and reporting methods for assessing course, instructional program, general education, and institutional outcomes (for final approval by Academic Senate Executive Council). Facilitate workgroups to review annual assessment plans and methods and timelines for CCSF GE, IGETC and CSU pattern outcomes, and ILO assessment as well as refining outcomes. Propose ideas for ongoing professional development and data analysis in collaboration with the Office of Research and Planning.

• Provides advice to SLO Coordinator(s) about resources, training, and forums/methods for improving campus -wide dialog.

• Assists with campus- wide dialogue that demonstrates that assessment results are being used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Mission.

• Provides guidelines and feedback to improve the quality of written outcomes, assessment methods, assessment reporting, communication of outcomes to students, and the quality of assessment analysis in program review.

Chair: Janey Skinner (415) 452-5276

Committee Membership: Unlimited

Meeting day and time:

First Friday of the Month (4 times a semester) from 11-12:30 PM

In February and May, we meet in MUB 353

In March and April, we meet by Zoom.

(It's possible that the May meeting will also move to Zoom if the SLOC members prefer it.)