Honors Issues

The primary purpose of the Honors Issues Committee is to advise the Honors Coordinator and the Honors Program in general on how to best operate the program, including but not limited to matters regarding Honors Addenda for the Curriculum Committee, Standards for Honors Contracts, and outreach methods. Additionally, the committee sets policy regarding the rules and regulations of the Honors Program, including but not limited to the rules for earning Honors Program Certification and UCLA TAP Certification. Finally, the committee decides if new Honors Societies (e.g. Alpha Gamma Sigma) want to start a chapter at CCSF whether or not they will be allowed to do so.

Committee Membership: 11 members: 7 faculty (including 4 instructional faculty, 2 counselors, 1 department chair), 2 administrators, 2 students

Chair: Elizabeth Smith (415) 452-7214  easmith@ccsf.edu

Meeting day and time: Once a semester on the third Monday of the third month of the semester, 3-4pm, Science 304