Curriculum Committee

The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to promote academic excellence and rigor by means of careful study and discussion and by the application of state regulations (Title 5) and the policies of the District. The Curriculum Committee recommends action on the following:

  • New Courses
  • Course Revisions
  • Course Deletions
  • Discipline placement of courses
  • New Course Outline Addenda (Distance Education and Honors)
  • Course Outline Addenda Revisions
  • Course Outline Addenda Deletions
  • Prerequisites, corequisites,and advisories for courses and programs
  • New Certificate and Degree Programs
  • Revisions to Certificate and Degree Programs
  • Deletion of Certificate and Degree Programs
  • Revision of Department Name

Membership: 31 members: 22 faculty, 6 administrators, 1 classified staff member, 2 students.

Chair: Kimberly Ginther-Webster (415) 452-5494  

Meeting day and time: Wednesdays, 1:30 pm – 5:00 - twice a month during the academic year