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CCSF COVID-19/Coronavirus Preparedness Activities

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Office of the Chancellor

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus in San Francisco or in any school or college in the Bay Area

Dear CCSF Colleagues and Community:

This comes with my care and concern that you are well. I hope you and your families are well. I want to thank you for carrying on our mission of teaching and learning during this situation.

Earlier this month, when the first coronavirus cases appeared, City College leaders began the process of developing contingency plans to prepare for the potential of a confirmed case or cases of COVID-19/Coronavirus within our college community. Our number one priority continues to be the health and welfare of our students, faculty and staff, followed closely by providing continuity of classes for our students and continuity of employment for all employees, with minimal disruption.

As you may know, on Tuesday, both the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Francisco Mayor London Breed encouraged businesses and schools to update their preparedness plans in the event of a local outbreak of the virus. Mayor Breed declared a state of emergency this week, not because there’s a case of COVID-19/Coronavirus in San Francisco, but instead because the declaration provides the flexibility and access to resources that will facilitate citywide preparedness activities.

The College continues to participate in daily all-hands meetings with the Department of Emergency Management (DEM), Department of Public Health (DPH), SFO, Muni, BART, SFUSD, SFSU, SF Travel, and many other essential city departments and organizations. We are also active members of a Community Emergency Preparedness Operation that meets weekly and includes DEM, DPH, schools, businesses and churches.

Other important guidelines:

  • This is now a global issue, not a China issue
  • There is no racial, ethnic or cultural basis for COVID-19/Coronavirus
  • People who experience symptoms should self-isolate, stay home and seek treatment from one’s health care provider

Precautions and prevention are the best and immediate actions for us to take:

  1. The college is taking immediate action to install hand sanitizers throughout our campuses and to increase the frequency of cleaning of restrooms and other sanitary facilities. During the upcoming spring break, we will close most facilities March 28-April 5 so that we can deep clean all areas.
  2. Wash your hands frequently and properly. Health experts recommend that you wash your hands for twenty seconds, much longer than most of us do now.

The following is a summary of contingency plans for CCSF in the event of a confirmed case or if health authorities request that we close temporarily.

  1. Any COVID-19-related change of operations, including temporary school closure, will be communicated on the homepage of and the RAVE text/email system. This is a reminder to update your contact information in Banner. (see attachment at bottom of page)
  2. I am designating the CCSF Participatory Governance Council as the college’s ad-hoc emergency response committee. The next meeting of the PGC is on Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 3:30PM in MUB-140. I am asking Chair Dianna Gonzales to place the emergency response planning on the agenda. Our objective will be to set out a contingency plan in the event a temporary closure is ordered or indicated. We will bring updated accurate and expert information and we will take time for questions and discussion. All are welcome.
  3. In the event that a limited closure of the college is indicated we will then work with College leaders of faculty, staff and students to implement the plan developed at the PGC on March 5. This plan will include such elements as:
    1. Focused phone counseling and accommodation of students who need assistance in transfers, certificates and or graduations.
    2. Increased use of online resources for classes and working remotely.
    3. Coordination with Academic Senate, AFT, Classified Senate, SEIU, Administrators, students and community partners to understand impacts to employees and students.

Tomorrow I will be attending the regular meeting of Bay Area college presidents and I will report back what measures our sister colleges are taking.

Thank you for your attention and for your care of each other at this time. For eighty-five years CCSF has survived and thrived through all manner of tests and trials and we will surely get through this one, together.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mark Rocha, Chancellor

City College of San Francisco


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