CCSF Fact Sheet 

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  • City College of San Francisco is located in the City and County of San Francisco. 
  • Nearly 8% or 64,000 of San Francisco residents take classes at the college each year.
  • In 2011-2012, approximately 47% of credit students enrolled in at least one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course.
  • According to 2011-12 Student Headcount, the college had a total of 24,088 CTE Credit
  • CCSF offers more than 50 academic programs and over 100 occupational disciplines.

Mission Statement

Consistent with our Vision, City College of San Francisco provides educational programs and services that promote successful learning and student achievement to meet the needs of our diverse community:

Our primary mission is to provide programs and services leading to

  • Transfer to baccalaureate institutions;
  • Achievement of Associate Degrees in Arts and Sciences;
  • Acquisition of certificates and career skills needed for success in the workplace;
  • Basic Skills, including learning English as a Second Language and Transitional Studies.


Student Population

Total unduplicated headcount enrollment

Fall 2012: 52, 801

Fall 2011: 60, 397

Fall 2010: 61, 532


Credit and Noncredit Student Headcount by Ethnicity 2011-2012

Credit and Noncredit Headcount 2011-2012


Credit and Noncredit Student Headcount by Age Group 2011-2012

credit and non credit student headcount by age group


Number of Certificate and Degree Programs 2011-2012

certificate and degree programs


Outstanding Administrators, Staff, and Faculty

As of 2012 Approximately

Administrators: 42

Full-Time Faculty: 757

Part-Time Faculty: 896

Full-Time Classified Staff: 612

Part-Time Classified Staff: 157

Source: CCSF Office of Research and Planning