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Academic Senate Exectutive Council Election Results

Academic Senate Election Results

Congratulations to the following 15 faculty who have been elected to serve on the Academic Senate Executive Council.

Kitty Moriwaki

Wendy Kaufmyn

Anna Asebedo

Fred Teti

Francine Podenski

Monica Bosson

Donna Hayes

Carole Meagher

Rosario Villasana

Debra Wilensky

Steven Brown

Dayo Diggs

Kimberly Keenan

Lillian Marrujo-Duck

Laura Walsh

Matthew Duckworth will join the Council in the seat occupied by Tom Blair for the remainder of the term following Tom’s retirement. Should others step down from the Council their seats would be filled by Michele Alaniz, Benedict Lim, and Dennis Mullen.

The newly elected Council members will join the following currently seated members:

Tom Blair (retiring)

Venette Cook

Beth Ericson

Vivian Ikeda

Pamela Kamatani

Lancelot Kao

Suzanne Lo

Madeline Mueller

Suzanne Pugh

Carol Reitan

Lisa Romano

Karen Saginor

Louis Schubert

Ellen Wall

Gloria Weinstock

Officer elections will be held next week.

Thanks are due to our election commissioners James Armstrong, Alan D’Souza and Lorraine Leber; to Joe Jah and Maria Hyman who provided essential support for the process; to the candidates and those who nominated them; and to all faculty who voted.

Here is the link for the full election results:


Academic Senate Elections - Voting is now Open!


2013 Academic Senate Executive Council Elections

With the buzz of accreditation, it may have gone unnoticed that the Academic Senate Executive Council elections are taking place. Voting is open from Monday, April 22 through Friday, May 3. Check your inbox for a link to the ballot, or find it through the Academic Senate Elections webpage <>.

 Take the time to select our faculty leaders for the coming year. It’s your Academic Senate–make your voice heard!


Email with comments or concerns.



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