Mural Project

The Diego Rivera Mural Project, sponsored by City College of San Francisco, has as its mission the return of the mural to the position of public importance and influence envisioned by its creator.

Goals, Current Activities, Project Partners (Who's Who of the Mural Project)

Our Story

The organizers of the 1940 Golden Gate International Exposition commissioned Diego Rivera to paint a large-scale fresco during the run of the fair. It was the centerpiece of Art in Action, an innovative exhibit where fairgoers could watch artists create their work.

After the fair closed, the mural was intended to be placed in the new library of San Francisco Junior College (now City College of San Francisco). This library was part of a grand architectural plan developed by Timothy Pflueger, a prominent local architect, one of the organizers of the fair, and Rivera's patron and friend.

World War Two interrupted these plans. Pflueger's library was never built and the ten panels of the mural were crated and stored first on the fairgrounds and then at the College until Rivera's death in 1957. That year, Milton Pflueger, Timothy's younger brother, proposed to install the mural in the lobby of the new campus theater. The mural was moved into this lobby in 1961.

The Diego Rivera Mural Project, sponsored by the City College of San Francisco, has as its mission the return of the mural to the position of public importance and influence envisioned by its creator.


With an eye to the mural's past history, its present circumstances and its future well into the next century, the Diego Rivera Mural Project has set the following goals:

  • Insure the physical safety and stability of the mural.
  • Establish and maintain a safe, stable and appropriate environment for the mural.
  • Return the mural to the position of public prominence it occupied during its creation.
  • Integrate the mural into the educational and cultural communities of the college, city, state and hemisphere.
  • Establish sources of revenue that will make the Project self-supporting.

Current Activities

City College has recently initiated several specific activities which will contribute to the long and overdue return of the mural to the public prominence it held in 1940 when thousands of San Franciscans came to Treasure Island for its final unveiling.

  • Training bilingual docents.
  • Providing new directional signs, an interpretative brochure and a poster that will increase the public's awareness of and access to the mural.
  • Producing a multi-media presentation that reveals the complexity of themes, personalities, and history in the mural.
  • Designing an innovative, portable exhibition which will allow the multi-media program to be shown at the crossroads of campus traffic, at other cultural institutions in San Francisco, or at institutions with other Rivera murals.
  • Developing the Project website to provide high-resolution details of the mural, extensive historical information, and the current status of the Project's activities.
  • Working with an International Advisory Council to provide the foundation for City College's vision and the support for its activities.
  • Acquiring, processing and maintaining access to primary and secondary materials for the Rivera Collection.

Increasing public awareness and support will lay the foundation for achieving the Project's other long-term goals.

Project Partners

The Diego Rivera Mural Project is a collaborative effort between the private sector and the students, faculty, and administration of City College of San Francisco who share the common goal of expanding the muralís viewing audience. In furthering the dream of Diego Rivera, this dedicated team has worked together using new media, community outreach, and educational activities “to bring the public back to public art.”

Steering Committee

Website Commitee

  • Anna Asebedo, Faculty Advisor
  • Susan Hathaway, Web Administrator
  • John Hong, Web Administrator
  • Oanh Mai, Web Administrator
  • Mine Ternar, Faculty Advisor
  • Claire Roberts-Torres, SiteBots Administrator
  • Aaron Holmberg, Website Revision Implementation Specialist

Student Docent Program Coordinator

  • (VACANT)

International Advisory Council

Coordinator: Bob Conway


  • Dra. Guadalupe Rivera Marin, Fundacion Diego Rivera, Honorary Chairperson
  • Joan Abrahamson, President, Jefferson Institute
  • Lilia Aguilera, Mexico City
  • Tim Burgard, Curator of American Art, FAMSF
  • Susan Cervantes, Director, Precita Eyes Mural Art Center
  • Linda Downs, Executive Director, College Art Association
  • Lorraine Garcia Nakata, Independent Consultant
  • Marjorie Harth, Director, Montgomery Gallery of Pomona College
  • Charles Karelis, Former President, Colgate University
  • Peter Landsberger, Interim Chancellor, Los Angeles Community College District
  • Debra Lehane, Former Program Director, Civic Art Collection, San Francisco Art Commission
  • Luis-Martin Lozano, Director, Museum of Modern Art, Mexico
  • Gregorio Luke, Executive Director, Museum of Latin American Art
  • Mary Anne Martin, Director, Mary Anne Martin Fine Art
  • Amalia Mesa Baines, Director,Visual & Public Arts, CSU Monterey Bay Director, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
  • Richard Thompson, President, Thompson Publishing Group