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Board of Trustees Meetings: January 2011

Agendas for meetings of the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees are composed of a variety of resolutions.  In general, Agenda items are proposed by either Administrators of City College of San Francisco, or members of the Board of Trustees.

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Board Notice Annual Organizational Meeting and Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District City College of San Francisco, THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 2011
Table of Contents  
B1 Authorization to enter into a Special Services Agreement with a recruiting firm to find qualified candidates for the Controller’s position, not to exceed $36,000
Renewal of Contract with People Admin, Inc. for annual licensing and maintenance renewal fee at a cost not to exceed $40,000 for fiscal year 2011-2012
B2a Clarification of accounting of Board of Trustees expenses through a Board budget
B2b Resolution requesting the City and County of San Francisco suspend fees to the San Francisco Community College District and actively support and provide aid to City College of San Francisco
B2c Authorization for Chancellor and/or his designee to enter into contract to conduct a public opinion poll to assess the potential support and opposition to a potential parcel tax, the public’s awareness of the district’s financial needs, and the overall feasibility of developing a parcel tax that could win voter approval for an amount not to exceed $50,000.
B3 Authorization for one (1) new construction contract that is no more than $15,000 and new construction related service contracts that are more than $60,000. Contracts not subject to the formal bidding requirements of the Public Contract Code.
B4 Authorization for two (2) contract modifications totaling a reduction of $44,126 for Special Services Contracts and Construction Contracts
Authorization to approve Contracts and Contract Modifications
B6 Authorization to conduct a Fall 2011 Study Abroad Program in Paris, France and to contract with ACCENT International Consortium for Academic Programs Abroad (ACCENT) for travel and logistical program arrangements
Procurement of equipment, supplies, services, etc., less than $3,000
C2 Procurement of equipment, supplies, services, etc., more than or equal to $3,000
Acceptance of Gifts
Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program District Funded City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments – Academic Employees: General Fund, Unrestricted and Amending previously granted Leaves of Absence
Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program, Categorically Funded City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments
Academic Employees (Faculty) Community Services Classes City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments - Academic
Approve Midland National as a 403(b) vendor of City College
S2 The appointment of Tracy Teale, CPA, to serve the Board’s Audit Committee as a CPA advisor and a financial expert
S3 Authorization to offer CalSTRS Deferred Compensation 403(b) Roth Option products to City College employees.
Authorizing the Administration to enter into workload and compensation agreements between AFT Local 2121, specified faculty in attachment A, and the San Francisco Community College District
Approval of Board of Trustee travel (not to exceed $3000) to ACCT National Legislative Summit and Committee Meeting Washington, DC, February 12-16
S6 Nomination of candidate for California Community College Trustees (CCCT) Board
of Directors
Board Self Evaluation: Background and Overview of Process January 21, 2011