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Board of Trustees Meetings: DECEMBER 2011

Agendas for meetings of the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees are composed of a variety of resolutions.  In general, Agenda items are proposed by either Administrators of City College of San Francisco, or members of the Board of Trustees.

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December 15, 2011
Table of Contents  
B1 Authorization for three (3) new construction contract(s) that is/are no more than $15,000 and new construction related service contracts that are not more than $60,000.  Contracts not subject to the formal bidding requirements of the Public Contract Code.
B2 Authorization to Conduct a Summer 2012 Study Abroad Program in Spanish Language in Oaxaca, Mexico, and to Contract with Capital Travel Solutions (CTS), formerly known as Kristensen International Travel and Tours, Ltd. (KITT) for travel and logistical program arrangement
B3 Authorization to approve new contracts and modify existing contracts
B4 Resolution accepting return of $4,790,304 from the Foundation of theCity College of monies belonging to the San Francisco Community College District
C1 Procurement of Equipment, Supplies, Services, Etc., less than $3,000                         
C2 Procurement of Equipment, Supplies, Services, Etc., more than or equal  to $3,000 Attachment
C3 Acceptance of Gifts
C4 Disposal of Equipment         Attachment
G1-G13 Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program District Funded City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments – Academic Employees: General Fund, Unrestricted and Amending previously granted Leaves of Absence
H1-H3 Academic Employees (Faculty) Credit Program/Non-Credit Program,Categorically Funded City College of San Francisco Temporary Hourly Assignments
S1 Adopting the San Francisco Community College District’s Initial Proposals to the American Federation of Teachers, Local 2121, for a Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement, After Public Comment
S2 Approval of 31 new courses, 4 new course options, and 5 new instructional programs recommended by the College Curriculum Committee
S3 The Board of Trustees adopts the CCSF Strategic Plan, 2011-2016 Attachment
S4 Resolution authorizing the issuance of achievement awards
S5 Resolution to honor and recognize the heroic efforts of Health and Wellness Swimming Pool Lifeguards Anthony Lau and Junteng Mei, and Physical Education Instructor Tanako Hagiwara
FIO  Grants
FIO Human Resources
FIO Human Resources