Archive of Board Goals 2017-18

Adopted August 24, 2017

The following Core Values and Board Goals provide direction for the Board and the Chancellor for the coming year, 2017-18. 

Core Values of the Board of Trustees


  1. Students First

  2. Sustainability 

  3. Transparency in Governance and Participatory Decision-Making

  4. Diversity and Inclusion

  5. Equity in Hiring and Compensation

  6. Academic Excellence


Board Goals

  1. STRATEGIC PLANNING.  Recieve and then adopt a comprehensive college plan for a sustainable future for City College.

  2. FACILITIES PLAN LINKED TO EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN.  Support and ensure the development, completion, and construction of a facilities master plan that is linked to an updated educational master plan.

  3. ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT.  Recieve and then adopt an updated enrollment management plan that sets out a path to full enrollment funding restoration of 32,000 FTES.

  4. STUDENT SUCCESS.  Hold the administration, faculty and staff accountable to contribute to City College's progress on student success outcomes, especially student equity and degree, certificate and transfer completions for achievement gap students.

  5. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND FUNDRAISING.  Support the development and implementation of a plan for effective external relations and increased resource development, including a capital fundraising plan. 

  6. COLLEGE CLIMATE.  Develop an effective and mutually supportive relationship with the Chancellor in order to foster a climate of trust and respect among all stakeholders of City College.

  7. CONDUCT OF MEETINGS.  Implement recommended changes for the conduct of Board of Trustees meetings that result in more efficient and effective meetings in the public interest.

  8. BOARD DEVELOPMENT.  Identify and participate in activities for the Board of Trustees that support professional development and accountability.