Archive of Board Goals & College Priorities for 2015-16

Adopted 9/10/2015

The following Board Goals and College Priorities provided direction for the Board and Chancellor, informed Board meeting agendas and workshop planning, and supported the District’s primary goals for 2015-2016. The goals and priorities were criteria in the 2016 Board Self-Evaluation, asking Trustees to reflect on progress. 

Overarching Board Values

1.       Sustainability

2.       Diversity

3.       Academic Excellence and Integrity

4.       Competitive compensation for all employee groups comprising the college’s workforce

Board Goals

1. Ensure the Board meets the accreditation standards related to Board governance

2. Ensure that the mission and vision reflect current community needs. 

3. Provide direction and support for the Chancellor in prioritizing ongoing projects to ensure that they are “mission critical” to accreditation

4. Foster a climate of respect, trust, and openness by modeling civility, respect and collaboration.

5. Expect and support effective and ongoing Board and Chancellor communication.

6. Monitor college progress toward college priorities in the following areas:
            Accreditation Standards
            Student Learning and Success
            Administrative Stabilization
            Decision-making processes

7. Continue to ensure current and future fiscal stability, including expecting and supporting plans that address shifts in enrollment patterns.

8. Promote the District’s image and reputation in the community and ensure Board members have the information needed to be effective
    “ambassadors” for the college, including in the area of enrollment.

College Priorities

1.       Develop processes and implement changes to meet accreditation standards for accreditation reaffirmation.

2.       Develop and implement college plan to provide appropriate student services at centers and program locations.

3.       Create clear procedures and defined roles and responsibilities for all constituencies within college processes.

4.       Address immediate facility needs (especially related to the Civic Center, 33 Gough Street, and the PAEC) and critical deferred maintenance
          issues, and develop a long-term 5 year sustainable facilities master plan.

5.       Improve student success, especially in closing the achievement gap.

6.       Continue to ensure current and future fiscal stability, including the development of an enrollment plan that addresses shifts in enrollment
          patterns, and prioritization of efforts to increase enrollment.

7.       Clarify student pathways within City College and work with SFUSD to clarify pathways for high school students and to expand concurrent

8.       Improve communication and transparency at all levels of organization and develop City College’s capacity to communicate externally.

9.       Work with the Foundation to develop new fundraising opportunities, potentially including the development of an alumni association.

10.     Identify and stabilize key staffing needs and recruit broadly to ensure diversity within the hiring pool.