Archive Board Goals 2018-19

Adopted August 30, 2018

The following Core Values and Board Goals provide direction for the Board and the Chancellor for the coming year, 2018-19.

Core Values of the Board of Trustees


1.     Students First

2.     Student Equity

3.     Sustainability

4.     Transparency

5.     Diversity in Hiring

6.     Academic Excellence


Board Goals

  1. EDUCATIONAL MASTER PLAN. To complete an updated seven‐year EMP that prioritizes enrollment growth and development of in‐demand programs for degree/transfer and workforce certificates.

  2. FMP AND BOND CASE STATEMENT. To complete a seven‐year facilities master plan for modernization of the main campus and other projects to insure academic excellence; to provide adequate affordable employee and student housing; and to implement a sustainability plan to achieve zero‐carbon footprint. The FMP will serve as the case statement for a possible future bond ballot initiative.

  3. PATH TO 32,000. Monitor that an enrollment management plan and implementation system is in place to achieve an increase of 2500 FTES in 2018‐2019.

  4. BUDGET DISCIPLINE. To receive and review regular budget reports so that appropriate adjustments and efficiencies will be made to stay on the adopted final budget for 2018‐2019.

  5. STUDENT EQUITY: COMPLETION. Regularly assess student success outcomes for all historically underrepresented groups; and to make measurable progress toward closing the achievement gap graduation rate for African‐American, Latino and Pacific Islander students.

  6. ADVOCACY AND RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT. Actively engage educational partners and the San Francisco political and civic community to achieve a measurable increase in government and NGO grants; in private donations to the CCSF Foundation; and an enhanced public image for CCSF.

  7. COLLEGE CLIMATE. Maintain a mutually supportive relationship with the Chancellor and foster a climate of trust and respect among all stakeholders of City College.

  8. CONDUCT OF BOARD MEETINGS. Implement continuous improvements to conduct more efficient and effective business meetings in the public interest.

  9. BOARD PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Participate in Board‐approved activities, conferences and programs to improve trustees’ effectiveness and accountability.


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