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Worker's Compensation

If you are an injured Employee of City College of San Francisco, please notify your Supervisor.

Work related injuries must be reported within 24 hours



Toni Lee, Worker's Compensation Liaison/Sr. Management Asst.

Office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration

Gough Street Campus

33 Gough Street

San Francisco, Ca. 94103

Phone : (415) 241-2234

Fax (415) 241-2344


Worker's Compensation covers any job-related injury.

Employees who are claiming Worker's Compensation, Please fill only the top portion of the Employee's Report (DWC) Report. Give the form to your Supervisor to complete.

Supervisors who have an Employee who is claiming Worker's Compensation, please fill the bottom portion of the Employee's Report (DWC), Employer's Report (5020) and the Supervisor's Investigation Report. Send all three signed reports back to the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Office for processing.


For further information regarding Worker's Compensation:  CLICK HERE