SLO Assessment Process

The Internal Auditor's Office follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website. Additional unit-specific processes described below.


Administrative Unit Outcomes

Employees of finance and administration and grant principal investigators, after working with the Internal Auditor's Office, will be able to:

  • Successfully comply with state, federal, and local grant and contracts regulations.
  • Use hotline to make anonymous complaints or alerts to issues of financial fraud and receive adequate investigation, resolution, and communication about the results. 
  • Receive regular updates on new and current standards and regulations, especially in regards to accounting. 

Assessment Process

To ensure we are meeting our outcomes, we follow this general process:

  1. We collect data on our effectiveness through a variety of methods that are refined regularly to ensure we're gathering the most useful data. Examples include:
    1. Interviews with PIs and staff
    2. ARGOS financial data reports
    3. Findings database with list of violations (missed deadlines, commitments) -- open versus closed
  2. Gathered data are reviewed, analyzed, and discussed by the Internal Auditor and the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration to identify deficiencies and thus areas of improvement. Results are summarized and shared with the college community through program review. 
  3. Improvements are implemented in as timely and effective a manner as possible. These improvements are then re-evaluated in the next assessment cycle to ensure the improvements are effective, and we are continuing to meet our goals.