Risk Services & Safety

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Uncertainty is a fact of life and in any decision or endeavor. Risk Services & Safety strives to understand, manage, and control that uncertainty, or "risk," to provide and encourage a safe and functional educational environment for our employees, our students, and the community we serve.

Contact Risk Services about uncertainty in operations and strategy, loss prevention and control, safety training, facility safety inspections, claims management, and insurance analysis and acquisition.

Risk Services help to reduce the exposure to, and the financial impact of, losses to the District, its employees, students, and visitors, with proactive measured designed to reduce likelihood of unforeseen losses and thereby improve financial forcasting.

This Office procures and manages the District's property, liability, workers' compensation, fine art, and student accident insurance programs; responds and handles notices of claims; coordinates and offers employee safety training; conducts safety inspections; and  escorts OSHA and DPH representatives on their inspections. 

Accident, Incident, or Potential Hazard?


If an accident or incident occurs:

after emergency response

call (415) 716-8759

so Risk Services can help you through the process. 

Mail annonymous reporting to:
Risk Services, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, B606, SF, CA 94112