Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds provides high quality facilities maintenance services in a fiscally sustainable, responsive and friendly manner to foster safe, effective and inspiring physical environments that encourage successful teaching and learning.

We are responsible for the operation and repair of real property facilities and systems. Our team handles reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and deferred maintenance. Facilities and systems covered by our work include:

  • power distribution infrastructure
  • boiler and chiller plants
  • storm water systems
  • water distribution infrastructure
  • sanitary sewer systems
  • lighting fixtures
  • heating/ventilating/air conditioning
  • plumbing fixtures
  • building envelope
  • walls/floors/ceilings
  • doors and locks
  • fire and life safety systems (fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, area of refuge communication systems, public announcement systems)
  • clock systems
  • swimming pools
  • asphalt and concrete walkways, quads, parking lots
  • fencing and gates
  • stadium bleachers
  • elevators/lifts/dumbwaiters
  • landscape, irrigation systems
  • athletic fields, courts and tracks

Our first priority is to maintain - to keep what currently exists in operating condition. Within that first priority, safety and security concerns are handled as promptly as possible, followed by repairs to facilities and systems that affect the most people. All things being equal, we treat requests for service on a first come first served basis.

Our second priority is for "adds/moves/changes". Requests for modifications are handled only when there is no backlog of repairs. Requests for modifications can be fulfilled faster if there are associated funds to pay for the work to be completed by outside vendors or our staff on overtime. Without associated requester-based funding, requests for modifications may take weeks or months to be fulfilled. Please note that requests for adds/moves/changes with significant institutional implications must undergo review and approval; this review and approval occurs through Participatory Governance.

Custodial Services

Custodians create optimal learning environments by ensuring our learning and working environments are clean, healthy and safe. Learn more (link coming soon).

Duplicating Services

We offer the following: printing, folding, cutting, padding, drill/hole punching, spiral binding, perforating, heavy duty stapling, collating-bookletmaking with two stitches, large or small format laminating, faxing, graphic design, redesign originals, pre-press, sign making, layout and paste-up.

Color photocopying & large format (posters) printing: prior approval from the appropriate school dean is required. Limitations and copyright restrictions are dutifully enforced. We provides assistance in the use of self-service copying machines. All services are available to faculty from any campus. Call or email us for special print time information. Appropriate order forms are available at all campuses & submit through inter-office mail or via email.

Supplies:  Instructors may obtain class record books, papers, and other office supplies immediately by obtaining a requisition form from and returning the completed form to us. Such supplies are solely for the professional use of faculty. At any other campuses, contact the office of the campus dean. Each has its own system for the requisition and acquisition of supplies.

Scantron Scoring Machines:  Instructors who wish to score examinations personally may use the scantron machines which are conveniently located as follows:

  • Ocean Campus
    • Arts building - Copier Room (2nd floor)
    • Batmale Hall  - Room 102 / 455
    • Cloud Hall Room - 352 (Copier Room)
    • Science Building - Room 244 / 304
    • Emergency number to call if needed service: 1-800-824-2023

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Storeroom Services

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Recycling Services

As global and local concerns of environmental issues associated with municipal solid waste (MSW) remain forefront; City College San Francisco is mindful of its part on both resource material use and waste generation. In recognizing that many of the college’s day-to-day operations and activities contribute to the overall impacts on the environment; the Recycling Center works to provide a measured response to these concerns.

Acknowledging the importance of action as well as education, the department strives to support a culture of sustainability, promoting “Best Practice” operations that maximize institutional effectiveness to increase recycling, and facilitate campus wide discussion on environmental performances and sustainable waste management.

The Recycling Center is committed to the reduction of waste, the advancement of a sustainable Zero Waste college community and creating a work environment where we can best serve our students and insure a healthy environment for current and future generations.

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