Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration


Welcome to the office of the Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration.

Finance and Administration represents a committed group of men and women who serve City College of San Francisco in a variety of areas including  Finance and Accounting, Administrative Services, Purchasing,   Internal Audit, Transportation and Parking.

The goal of our division is to provide the services and support needed to foster an environment of academic and research excellence at City College of San Francisco. Our team is dedicated to collaborative partnerships with our colleagues and students that lay the foundation for exemplary service. Finance and Administration is fully aligned with the strategic and academic priorities of City College of San Francisco, and each of the units within our division is tasked with implementing the processes necessary to achieve lasting excellence.

Contact Information

Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration Luther Aaberge


Phone : (415) 241-2229

Senior Management Assistant - Toni Lee


Phone : (415) 241-2234

Fax: (415) 241-2344

Office Location: Gough Street Campus at 33 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103