Support Student Success

CCSF students need your help

You can make a difference in helping our student receive the resources they need to be successful. Support needed for a variety of:

  • Scholarships
  • Programs

To donate time, services, materials, or funds to a particular program, you should first contact the department/program chair.

CCSF Education Programs

If you are considering making a financial donation, the department or program chair will need to provide you with the name and number of the fund to which you should donate. You will want to include this name and number on your donation.

Program-Specific Unrestricted Donation Fund Types:

  • Trust Fund -- 72XXXX or 74XXXX -- holds money that is planned for later use for adding classes or providing scholarships. No time limits on money in this fund type.
  • Accommodation Fund -- 75XXXXX -- holds money for an event, exhibit, or program that is intended to have an end-date. Short term storage.
  • Departmental Fund -- 14XXXX -- holds money that can be used for any non-salaried purpose, such as equipment, supplies, etc.

Because fund type is so important, it is important that donors contact department chairs to determine the correct donation protocol prior to a donation. And recognize that the greater limits a donor places on their donation (when it must be used and how), the less flexibility exists for the department chair, and there is a chance that the donation will have to be returned if the class or event which is being donated to is delayed.

You can follow the links on the left menu to find instructions on how to make donations by check, cash, or payroll deduction.