Donate by Check

Students in a computer lab

You can donate directly to City College by bringing cash or sending checks to the CCSF Bursar.

City College of San Francisco -- Bursar's Office -- Conlan Hall 103
50 Phelan Ave. Box E103
San Francisco, CA 94112

Or you can bring your donation in person to the Bursar's Office, in Conlan Hall Room 104.

Make checks payable to City College and enter for subject reference: The program or scholarship to which you are donating.

Program donations

To donate time, services, materials, or funds to a particular program, you should first contact the department/program chair.

If you are considering making a financial donation, the department or program chair will need to provide you with the name and number of the fund to which you should donate.

Some departments and programs have websites with this information already clearly laid out. If not, follow these steps after getting the necessary information from the department or program chair:

Write a check payable to "XYZ Department/Program Fund" where XYZ is the name of the Department or Program.

Enter the fund name and number in the Reference portion of your check XYZ Fund #ABCDEFG.

Write a letter, giving your name, address, and intention of how you would like the funds used. Make sure to include the fund name and number again.

After receipt of funds, the Bursar will forward your letter and information to the department/program chair, who will then send you a thank you letter and acknowledgement.