Important information for students, faculty, staff, and administrators

City College of San Francisco


Effective Fall 2014, City College's new Board Approved Protocol regarding a 'Smoke-Free Environment” will be enforced. The policy covers Ocean and specific Center Campuses. City College of San Francisco will become a 'smoke-free environment', with limited designated smoking areas. A tobacco-free campus creates a healthier environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Smoking definition (included but not limited to):

Cigarettes (tobacco), e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, water pipes, vapor/vapor-less equipment etc. Note, campus administration and appropriate designee has the authority to assign any other smoking type device to this policy.

Designated smoking areas are noted on the Campus map, located at the following link:

Smoke Free Campus link:

Enforcement of the policy focuses on educating the community about the policy and promoting smoking cessation resources. The success of this policy relies on the respectfulness, consideration and cooperation of both tobacco users and non-tobacco users. All members of the college community share the responsibility of adhering to and enforcing the policy and have the responsibility for bringing it to the attention of visitors and guests. Violation of this policy by students, faculty, or staff will be addressed in a manner consistent with any other CCSF policy violation.

Students who would like information and support regarding smoking cessation can contact the City College Student Health Services at 415/239-3110 or Additional resources for students and employees can be found online: