English Literacy and Civic Engagement

at City College of San Francisco

Spring 2019

Campus Facilitators:

    Chinatown/North Beach
    Civic Center
    John Adams
    Patricia Gallagher (pgallagher@ccsf.edu)
    Zue Acker (racker@ccsf.edu)
    Daphne Powell (dpowell@ccsf.edu)
    Sally Winn (swinn@ccsf.edu)
    Jennifer Irvine (jirvine@ccsf.edu)

Program Plan:

  • Conduct annual needs assessments to determine priority needs of learners.
  • Develop engaging instructional materials on topics relevant to learners’ lives.
  • Provide instruction across multiple language levels and practice in authentic community life situations.
  • Use assessments to show mastery of each civic learning objective.
  • Evaluate program plan every semester.