SLO Assessment Process

Human Resources follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website. Additional unit-specific processes described below.


Human Resources recruits and ensures the hiring of qualified, highly skilled, diverse applicants who are sympathetic and sensitive to the racial and cultural diversity in the college. We also provide services and ensure policy compliance toward the retention of employees and support a positive and productive working environment. 

Administrative Unit Outcomes

These Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised.

Current CCSF employees who receive services from us will be able to:

  • Receive support for leaves (including sabbaticals).
  • Use sick leave bank as needed (and receive support in the process).
  • Change or enroll in new benefit plans.
  • Faculty: if eligible, request and receive salary cross-column movement placement as qualifications change.
  • Receive support in planning for, applying for, and beginning retirement.
  • Review individual employment and salary history.
  • New hires: receive correct salary placement and new hire documents/paperwork and onboarding.
  • Receive internal professional development opportunities.
Prospective CCSF employees who receive services from us will be able to:
  • Know exactly what is needed to apply for a job (as much transparency as possible in the hiring process).
  • Receive fair and equitable consideration, following a fair and legal process.
  • Easily complete and review application and receive advice and feedback on missing information.
  • Receive timely and effective support during the completion of the application process (including as much accommodation as possible). 
  • Learn about job opportunities at CCSF.
CCSF supervisors who receive services from us will be able to:
  • Gather pertinent HR-related data to support informed decision making.
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws by easily accessing accurate policies and procedures and contract language.


Assessment Process

General process currently followed:

  1. Methods for gathering data on our office include such things as:
    • Use ARGOS reporting to gather data from BANNER (post audits).
    • Unit data provided by each unit yearly for program review. Examples: 
      • Number of EDD claims; number of union complaints. 
      • Number of calls and walk-in requests -- type of request -- and resolution.
      • Number of applicants processed. Result of each. (Hiring Data Report) -- generated from online applicants system. (Numbers applied, numbers didn't meet minimum qualifications, numbers didn't complete application process, numbers sent to hiring committee, etc.)
      • Some gathered by hand -- others by software systems.
    • College-wide survey (employee survey) -- every four years
  2. Gathered data are reviewed by Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and staff, analyzed, summarized, and studied for areas of improvement. Results shared through annual assessment reports and Program Review.
  3. Improvements are implemented in as timely and effective a manner as possible. These improvements are then re-evaluated in the next assessment cycle to ensure they are working and we are continuing to meet our goals.