SLO Assessment Process

The Employee Relations Office follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website. Additional unit-specific processes described below.


In service to the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, Administrators, and Employees, the Employee Relations Office mission is to create a work environment in which employees can perform their best to serve our students.

Administrative Unit Outcomes

These Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised.

  • Employees are satisfied by the work environment and really like coming to work.
  • Management is effective and fair.
  • Total compensation is as robust as possible given the resources available to the college.

Assessment Process

To ensure we are meeting our outcomes, we follow this general process:

  1. We collect data on our effectiveness through a variety of methods that are refined regularly to ensure we're gathering most useful data. Examples include # of grievances and evaluation surveys and input from individuals with whom our office works (such as law firms, employees, administrators, and negotiating team members).

    Samples tasks we evaluate can include management and negotiation of contracts, mediating grievances, reviewing internal procedures to ensure they follow contracts, maintenance of employee seniority lists, ensure management training on wages, hours, and working conditions.
  2. Gathered data are reviewed by the Dean of Employee Relations and office staff, analyzed, summarized, and studied for areas of improvement. Results are also shared with the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellors, and the Dean of Human Resources.
  3. Improvements are implemented in as timely and effective a manner as possible. These improvements are then re-evaluated in the next assessment cycle to ensure the improvements are effective, and we are continuing to meet our goals.