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Carlos Jennings

Carlos Jennings

Self-described “Geography geek” relishes in the opportunity to work with students and colleagues in the Earth Science Department

By Oz Litvac

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Carlos Jennings got his start at the local community college where the experience was so rich it motivated him to pursue his academic career even further. He later got his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from University of Texas at San Antonio. Carlos has been a self-described ‘Geography geek’ since he was young as he was always fascinated by maps, but it never occurred to him that he could make it a career and teach in the field till later on in life.  It was at this time that Carlos decided to return to school to switch gears and pursue further study in Geography at San Francisco State University. Carlos’ key motivation to pursue a graduate degree came from one of his SFSU professors by the name of Nancy Wilkinson, and was later encouraged to apply for the Faculty Diversity Internship Program at City College of San Francisco. His plan is to graduate in 2012 after completing his studies for an MA in Geography at San Francisco State University. His master’s thesis is about the use of
satellites in the measurement of air pollution.

Excited about the opportunity to be part of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program he recalls teachers in community college who infused the drive in him to pursue higher education. Having studied in diverse environments in the past makes him a great candidate for the program because he can relate to the diverse student body at City College of San Francisco.  Carlos first experience in a CCSF classroom was under the mentorship of Professor Darrel Hess.  Carlos noted that he enjoyed “watching how patient my mentor Hess is with students is inspiring and good role model to emulate.”  This semester Carlos is working in a Geography lab with Professor Carla Grandy.  Carlos expressed that he “really enjoys sharing knowledge” in the lab atmosphere, where he works helping students and answering questions one-on-one and leading some lectures. Carlos is very enthusiastic about a career in teaching in the Earth Sciences and relishes in the internship experience, saying “I learned a lot from the Faculty Diversity Internship Program and I’m very grateful for it.”  The Earth Sciences department faculty and students have also enjoyed Carlos’ addition to their programs.

(May 2012)

Ronald Page III

Ronald Page III

“My experience with the FDIP program, the Math department and City College students has helped convince me that I belong here.”

By Oz Litvac
Staff writer

Raised in Vallejo, the largest city to ever file chapter 9 bankruptcy in California, and an alum of Hogan High School, a school that no longer exists, Ronald Page beat the odds against him and has become the academic star most parents can only dream of. As a youngster Ronald recalls that his dad insisted he didn’t leave his twin-sister behind on school work, so Ron always took time out to help his sister with her homework.  It was precisely this experience, the joy that one feels when they are able to help people learn, that helped develop in Ron the desire to teach.   

After Hogan High School Ron attended UC Berkeley and majored in Applied Mathematics, graduating in 2008 just in time to bring pride to his late father who passed shortly after.  Throughout his undergraduate career and beyond Ron has jumped on opportunities to conduct research.  Ron worked Researcher in the Advanced Light Source and Material Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, working with distinguished physicist Dr. Robert Birgenau, who is currently the Chancellor of UC Berkeley.  Ron has also worked as a Researcher at Lawrence Livermore Labs and UCSD.    

It is teaching, however, where Ronald’s true passion lies.  Ronald credits a course he taught, an equivalent of Math 860 at CCSF, part of a program called Leadership Excellence Advanced Degree Sciences (LEADS) for solidifying his love of teaching.  Ron has also worked teaching math to underserved students in programs such as Level Playing Field Institute and Upward Bound at UCB.  He is excited about giving back to youth in need, saying “I fell in love with being able to connect with students.”  Ron also has prior college level teaching experience and has worked as a teacher at Cal State East Bay, where he is currently finishing his Masters, as well as Diablo Valley College.  

Ron currently serves as an intern teacher under the mentorship of Professor Mary Bravewoman, leading lessons in Math 860. Ron feels at home here at CCSF, saying “My experience with the FDIP program, the Math department and City College students has helped convince me that I belong here.” The FDIP program has been pivotal for Ron.  “At 25 I never imagined being a professor at a college and the Faculty Diversity Internship Program has brought me that much closer to it.”

(April 2012)

Update: Ronald Page was hired in August 2012 as a tenure-track professor of Mathematics at CCSF.