Grow Your Own

Due to Budget Constraints the Grow Your Own Program has been discontinued at CCSF and no applications for new GYO interns will be accepted.

Please see the Faculty Diversity Internship Program for information on faculty internships at CCSF.

Program Description:

Purpose: To encourage and help prepare City College of San Francisco (CCSF) graduates to return as teaching, counseling or library faculty at CCSF after they have completed their upper division and graduate education. This program was structured to cultivate talented students who graduate from CCSF and who understand the unique educational needs of our students, and to acknowledge the difficulty that these graduates face in the completion of their education given the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The purpose of the program is 1) to encourage our students to return to CCSF as faculty and commit themselves to a career in education so as to serve their communities for the long-term, and 2) provide them with financial assistance while they complete the educational and employment requirements that they will need to serve as faculty, counselors or librarians at CCSF. The GYO Program gives today's students the opportunity to give something back to future generations of college students.

Target Population:

Current or former CCSF students who are ready to graduate/transfer or who have graduated/transferred from CCSF and who will go on to complete a Master's degree from an accredited college or university, and who have made a commitment to return as faculty to CCSF. Note: Students who are graduating or transferring from CCSF must be enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university in order to be accepted into the GYO Program.

Description of Program:

The GYO Program operates at three levels: undergraduate studies, graduate/intern, and part-time faculty. Students completing undergraduate coursework and those working towards Master's degrees will receive incentives, such as financial assistance and professional support, to pursue a graduate degree in a CCSF discipline (especially in fields where there is a demand for new faculty and/or a need for underrepresented faculty in a particular discipline). When a student has completed her/his Master's degree requirement (or are nearly half way toward completing the Master's degree requirement), s/he will be eligible to participate in a structured faculty mentoring program and will receive training and experience under the supervision of a CCSF faculty member in the intern's respective discipline. Candidates who have successfully completed their internships may be given an opportunity to teach on a part-time basis their own classes (subject to the discretion of the Department Chair in their respective discipline and availability of course offerings). In return, after interns have completed the GYO program, they will be expected to commit to teaching at CCSF for a specific period of time.


Program Stages:

Specific activities accompany the three stages of the GYO Program:

1) During the Undergraduate stage, a GYO intern will receive financial assistance, sign a contract indicating her/his commitment to the program terms, and receive assistance with graduate school applications, and be notified of scholarship opportunities.

2) During the Graduate stage, GYO interns will receive financial assistance and learn about scholarship opportunities. When substantial progress has been made toward the MA/MS degree, GYO interns will be paired with a CCSF faculty mentor. Mentors will assist interns with understanding community college teaching and all related responsibilities. They will intern in the classroom for one to two semesters with a faculty mentor who will serve as the instructor of record.

3) After GYO interns have earned their Master's degrees, they may be assigned to teach a class in their discipline (or serve as a librarian/counselor), with the recommendation of the faculty mentor and/or the Department Chair (please note: this decision is subject to the discretion of the Chair and based upon course/hour availability,
departmental impact, etc.). Interns will have the opportunity to participate in .2, .4, and .6, teaching/counseling/librarian assignments at the College. These assignments may also be made available
from a pool of hours established by the GYO program if the department does not have any available teaching hours. During this third stage, the GYO interns will have completed the program and with continued and successful experience, may be eligible to apply for full-time positions at CCSF in their respective areas.