City College of San Francisco is one of the largest community colleges in the nation.  The role of City College of San Francisco’s Administration is to provide leadership and governance, advocacy, and financial support to our students and programs.

Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor's includes Human Resources, Employee Relations and Legal Counsel. (Organizational Chart)

Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs oversees CCSF’s seven schools. Other services of the Division include library and learning resources; contract and continuing education; education technology; curriculum; tenure review and faculty evaluation; faculty support services; and course/room scheduling. (Organizational Chart)


Finance and Administration

The Division of Finance & Administration is responsible for administrative services, budget and finance, buildings and grounds, business services, technology, risk management, facilities planning, public safety, and construction. (Organizational Chart)


Institutional Development

The Division of Institutional Development is responsible for the following services and departments: Accreditation, Fundraising & Alumni, Grants & Resource Development, Outcomes & Assessment, and Research & Planning. (Organizational Chart)


Student Development

The Division of Student Development is responsible for outreach and recruitment, student affairs, student health services, student advocacy, student activities, counseling services and learning assistance. (Organizational Chart for VCSD; Organizational Chart for VCSD-Counseling; Organizational Chart for VCSD-Classified) 


Human Resources & Employee Relations

The Division of Human Resources & Employee Relations is committed to providing services which ensure a fair, equitable, and quality working and learning environment for employees and members of the community college. We commit to continuously seek and supply our employees and students with the opportunities and resources needed to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities so they may better support the mission of the college.