Standard IIIC

Technology Resources



IIIC1. May 2014-Nov 2015 help desk satisfaction stats

IIIC2. TLC Workshop Calendar

IIIC3. CCSF access to

IIIC4. Banner Training Sessions


IIIC6. TLC Workshop Calendar

IIIC7. Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable

IIIC8. Distance Learning Advisory Committee

IIIC9. Banner update 11/5/2015

IIIC10. CCCCO Education Planning Initiative Web Site

IIIC11. May 2016 ITAC meeting minutes

IIIC12. ITAC meetings

IIIC13. ITAC Website

IIIC14. Banner Renewal Advisory Group Website


IIIC16. Reports on employee satisfaction

IIIC17. ECAR study of faculty and technology

IIIC18. ECAR study of students and technology

IIIC19. ECAR technology survey

IIIC20. Upgrading desktop computers

IIIC21. Systems deployed 2013-2015 Dell Desktop and Laptop

IIIC22. Dell - Academic Computer Inventory 20160620

IIIC23. Wireless Access Points Installed

IIIC24. Banner Prod Upgrades as of November 4 2015

IIIC25. List of Targeted Classrooms

IIIC26. Classroom Tech Project Status - 6/20/16

IIIC27. Palo Networks renewal PO - 11/14/15

IIIC28. Dell NetVault Lease PO - 9/12/15

IIIC29. Educational Technology Department Website Containing Information About Using Insight to Tech-enhance a Face-to-Face Class

IIIC30. Training Process for Developing an Online Class

IIIC31. Distance Learning Advisory Committee

IIIC32. Training sessions and videos on how to use the classroom technology equipment

IIIC33. Technology Learning Center Website

IIIC34. Ellucian CCSF Training 2104 2015

IIIC35. CurricUNET Help Lab Website

IIIC36. Curricunet Training Archive

IIIC37. Library services on computers and wireless

IIIC38. Library research guides

IIIC39. Linking to articles

IIIC40. Electronic reserves

IIIC41. Guides are multilingual: Email, Wi-fi

IIIC42. Successful online learning

IIIC43. Online ticketing system

IIIC44. Online course support center

IIIC45. Online Student Satisfaction Survey, Spring 2016

IIIC46. Online Student Satisfaction Survey Data

IIIC47. Draft BP 6.28 (Student Authentication); Draft AP 6.28 (Student Authentication)



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